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    Please join us in praying for Scotland

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    Pray for Scotland to be united again under God

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Praying for the Nation of Scotland:

In Unity: by committing to working together.
Through Faith: by believing our prayers are being effective.
With Perseverance: by never giving up!


The main purpose of the web site is to make many of our resources available to everyone. Here you will find many useful resources as you pray for your neighbours, community, or workplace. If you share this vision and want to connect and stand with us please contact us using the details on our contact page.

‘Lord, may Your Church continue to cry out :
“Your Kingdom come, Your will be done!” ‘

Alistair Barton
Pray for Scotland

New partnership with Neighbourhood Prayer Network (NPN)

One part of our vision is to have every street in Scotland prayed for, by encouraging individuals and small groups to set up a ‘Lighthouse of Prayer’ in their home, praying regularly for their neighbours. In recent years we have led Lighthouse of Prayer training days and we have Lighthouse materials that we are happy to provide to anyone interested in starting one.

In October Jean and Alistair met with Rebekah Brettle, the Director of Neighbourhood Prayer Network (NPN) which has exactly the same vision – to see every street in the nation prayed for using the ‘Pray, Care, Share’ model – the same model as Lighthouses use. NPN has developed other valuable resources, including a website with a map showing the streets where someone has ‘signed up’ to pray, and a weekly Friday email with encouraging testimonies and ideas for praying, caring and sharing.

One of our desires has been to ‘map’ where folk were praying, and as we talked we found we had so much in common that a partnership to promote our shared vision was clearly the right thing to do – to collaborate instead of ‘doing our own thing’. In Scotland we will still call the prayer locations ‘Lighthouses’ but it will now be possible to add these (if folk wish to) to the NPN map – it only identifies the street, not your actual address – and to access their other resources including the weekly email. Folk will be able to sign up on the Pray for Scotland website and through a link they will also be added to the NPN lists. If folk in Scotland sign up on the NPN site direct, their details will be passed back to us for follow up and ongoing contact.

We are excited about the potential of this partnership to read the full article: CLICK HERE

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A message from Jean Black

Below is a condensed version to read the full message: CLICK HERE.

Since taking over responsibility for leading Pray for Scotland, at the start of each year I have asked the Lord for fresh direction for the ministry, and especially if I should continue in the role of Director.

At the start of 2014 I felt the Lord say that it was time to hand over the Director’s responsibilities, and that this should happen by the end of the year. I told the Pray for Scotland Trustees in the Spring and we began to pray about the future. The first question we had to decide was if there was still a role for Pray for Scotland in the nation, and we soon felt God’s confirmation that there was.

In the course of the year we talked about the future and he began to sense God saying that this was a time of ‘transition’. There followed a period of discussion and prayer, ending in the autumn with a special Trustees and Core Team ‘vision day’ together when we brought the proposal before the team and the Lord that our Chairman of Trustees Alistair Barton should step into the role of Director. In the times of prayer for each other there was confirmation that the decision was right – and also a confirmation and honouring of the role each Trustee and Core Team member was carrying out in Pray for Scotland.

The Trustees agreed that Alistair should take on the role of Director from 1 December, and at that time he would stand down as Chairman of Trustees while remaining a Trustee. Maurice Howson, who has been a PfS Trustee for many years agreed to become Chairman from 1 December.

Please pray for Alistair as he moves into the role of Director – I hope and pray you will support him and the team as you have supported me. Pray also for Maurice as he takes on the role of Chairman, for Anne McIntyre our other Trustee (who is also Director of Parliamentary Prayer Scotland) and for myself, as I will remain a Trustee and a close friend of PfS going forward – I will still be taking part in prayer events. Pray also for our Core Team which we are looking to expand with some younger folk – more about this in our next newsletter.

The Lord bless you,

Jean Black

New postal address

From 1 January 2015 we have a new postal address:
Pray for Scotland,
PO Box 11333,

Over the past few years Pray for Scotland have been blessed with administrative support from the excellent office team at Stirling Baptist Church, for which we give God grateful thanks. An opportunity has now opened up for us to share the building in Paisley used by Firestarters, the youth ministry whose Director, Lynn Howson, is a member of our Core Team. Michelle Connolly, a member of the Firestarters team, will provide our admin. support from January and is joining our Core Team. Please pray for Michelle as she takes on this role for us, and please update our details with the new address.

You can also contact us by:
Email: admin@prayforscotland.org.uk or Phone: 07910 982513


A few years ago many thousands in the nation joined in a prayer initiative to stop what they were doing in the middle of each day and spend a few moments praying the Lord’s Prayer. Many are still doing this – are you one of them?

It only takes a few moments – set your watch or phone for a time that suits you and join in!

Pray for Scotland is on Facebook….
click on the facebook icon to visit our page there.



Financial Support:

We rely purely on gifts to our ministry and if you would like to support us in this way please go to our contact us page. In the message section just write “I would like to support this work” and we will contact you with more information. Every gift helps no matter how small. You can also simply send a cheque to us at our address.

Prayer changes things!

God’s Kingdom moves forward on our prayers. We hope that you will join us as we pray for Scotland to be united again as a nation under God.

Read more about Lighthouses of Prayer on our Resources Page.