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    Please join us in praying for Scotland

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    Pray for Scotland to be united again under God

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Praying for the Nation of Scotland

Praying for revival in the church and transformation in the nation

In Unity: by committing to working together.
Through Faith: by believing our prayers are being effective.
With Perseverance: by never giving up!


Pray for Scotland exists to promote and support prayer for every aspect of our nation. We believe prayer changes things” and that “God hears and answers our prayers”.

Through this website we provide resources to help you pray more effectively, plus news on prayer activities including the latest on Lighthouses of Prayer – praying for your local street/neighbours.

You will find information about the latest events being planned, and reports on significant previous events and prophetic words spoken over Scotland. You can sign up to receive our e-letters and printed newsletters – see panel on left – and if you need any more information, or you want us to visit you or lead training on prayer or Lighthouses – please contact us by email, phone or post.

‘Lord, may Your Church continue to cry out :
“Your Kingdom come, Your will be done!” ‘


Alistair Barton
Pray for Scotland

Our Vision

Pray for Scotland is a networking prayer ministry. Our vision is to see the Church, the ‘Body of Christ’ in every community, united in saturating Scotland in prayer for:

  • revival in the Church,
  • transformation in every area of society,
  • the Kingdom of God to rule and reign in Scotland.

A key part of our vision is to see every street in Scotland prayed for regularly – a ‘Lighthouse of Prayer’ in every street.

We believe that as folk from different church backgrounds meet regularly to pray for their community and the nation, unity in purpose will grow and God will ‘command His blessing’. [John 17:22; Psalm 133]

[For the full vision and more background click here]

‘As One!’ – The Shield 


After its tour around all 32 local authority areas in Scotland the Shield returned to Edinburgh on Wednesday 4 May, visiting 3 churches in the morning, going on a prayer walk down the Royal Mile followed by a time of prayer and worship at the Parliament building in the afternoon, then ending at an evening celebration in a Leith church.

On 5 May, as voters went to the polling stations, the Shield was at the Salvation Army Centre in the Pleasance area where a team spent the day in worship and prayer. The day ended with a powerful celebration of praise, testimony and prayer, ending as the polls closed at 10pm.

Many, many praying folk were involved over the 40 days of the ‘As One!’ prayer call and the Shield tour, and to all we say a huge ‘thank you’ for all your support, arrangements for the Shield in each area, and most importantly your prayers. Many of our prayers were answered – and we know the foundations laid will continue to bear fruit in the months to come.

Please keep praying for your community and the nation!

For the background to the ‘As One!’ vision – click here. For the Shield tour detailsclick here

1280px-Flag_of_the_United_Kingdom.svgeuEvery Vote Counts!  

EU Referendum Prayer Guide


We have prayed about the Scottish elections – we now need to pray about the EU Referendum. This is a crucial decision for everyone in the United Kingdom – one that will affect not just us but our children and grandchildren – and beyond.

A 50-day prayer guide has been produced by the World Prayer Centre in Birmingham on behalf of all 4 nations in the UK – for a copy click here. The Guide covers the 40 days from Saturday 14 May to voting day on 23 June, and the 10 days after the vote. Let your church and all your contacts know about it – and let’s all be praying for the right decision – every vote counts!

Praying the Lord’s Prayer daily

A few years ago many thousands in the nation joined in a prayer initiative to stop what they were doing in the middle of each day and spend a few moments praying the Lord’s Prayer. Many are still doing this – are you one of them? It only takes a few moments – set your watch or phone for a time that suits you and join in!

Financial Support:

We can only do what we do because of the generous donations from supporters, and to all who give – whether regularly or ‘one-off’ we say a big ‘Thank you!’ If you wish to support us please click here for details of how you can make a gift or set up a regular donation.

Pray for Scotland is on Facebook click here.