Please join us in praying for Scotland

Join us in praying for Scotland

Pray for Scotland to be united again under God

Pray for Scotland

Connecting and uniting the nation in prayer

Pray for Scotland

God's kingdom moves forward on our prayers

Pray for Scotland

Praying for the Nation of Scotland:

In Unity: by committing to working together. 
Through Faith:
by believing our prayers are being effective.
With Perseverance: by never giving up!

If you share this vision and want to connect and stand with us please contact us using the details on our contact page.

The main purpose of the web site is to make many of our resources available to everyone. Here you will find many useful resources as you pray for your neighbours, community, or workplace.


Referendum Vote – Christian Leaders unite in national Prayer Call

In what is a unique event in recent times, 16 leaders of major denominations and ministries in Scotland have signed a joint letter calling on the church to pray about the Referendum vote and Scotland’s future on Sunday 14th and Wednesday 17th September. You can read the letter here: Referendum Prayer Call letter .

If your church is taking part – email us to let us know.

Prayer events: For details of various prayer events taking place up to and during the vote – CLICK HERE.

Discerning His Voice for Scotland:

At the end of June 2014 around 24 relational prophetic people and ministries met over 2 days to consider present prophetic priorities for Scotland, particularly in the light of the referendum. Revelatory inputs from both the team and other mature prophetic ministries from outside the nation were collated and considered. To read a summary statement with key priorities for prayer, intercession and faith

Discerning His Voice for Scotland Referendum Prayer 2014.

Prayer stations: For praying about Scotland’s future, 24/7 Prayer have produced ideas on prayer stations based on the Beatitudes:

For details 24-7PrayerReferendumPrayerPack.



Your Kingdom Come Prayer Gathering

To read more about our upcoming Prayer event CLICK HERE.

Your Kingdom come 2014

To download the PDF flyer click on this link:  Your Kingdom Come PDF final



A ‘Year of Destiny’ for Scotland:  2014 is a hugely significant year for Scotland, join us and take a STAND in prayer.

year of prayer


St Andrews Day was not only a day of prayer for the nation. It saw the launch of a Year of Prayer for 2014, one of the most significant year’s in Scotland’s history.

Have you, your prayer group, your church, signed up to ‘stand together’ in a ‘wall of prayer’ for  Scotland this year?

If not, please go to where you can sign up to receive the weekly emails and see previous weeks’ prayer focus points.  On another page you can also add the day/time you are praying to a map.  Choose a day and time that suits you and stand with us!

More than ever before the church needs to unite in prayer – lifting this nation up to God, seeking His will and direction and crying out ‘Your will be done…’ in us as individuals, as the church and the nation! Will you and your church ‘take a stand’?



A few years ago many thousands in the nation joined in a prayer initiative to stop what they were doing in the middle of each day and spend a few moments praying the Lord’s Prayer. Many are still doing this – are you one of them?

It only takes a few moments – set your watch or phone for a time that suits you and join in!

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Financial Support:
We rely purely on gifts to our ministry and if you would like to support us in this way please go to our
contact us page. In the message section just write “I would like to support this work” and we will contact you with more information. Every gift helps no matter how small. You can also simply send a cheque to us at our address.
Prayer changes things!
God’s Kingdom moves forward on our prayers. We hope that you will join us as we pray for Scotland to be united again as a nation under God.
Read more about Lighthouses of Prayer on our Resources Page.