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Pray for Scotland exists to promote and support prayer for every aspect of our nation. We believe prayer changes things” and that “God hears and answers our prayers”. 
Through this website we provide resources to help you pray more effectively, plus news on prayer activities including the latest on Lighthouses of Prayer – praying for your local street/neighbours.

You will find information about the latest events being planned, and reports on significant previous events and prophetic words spoken over Scotland. You can sign up to receive our e-letters and printed newsletters – see panel on left – and if you need any more information, or you want us to visit you or lead training on prayer or Lighthouses – please contact us by email, phone or post.

‘Lord, may Your Church continue to cry out :
“Your Kingdom come, Your will be done!” ‘

Alistair Barton
Pray for Scotland


The elections to the Scottish Parliament are fast approaching.  Once again we are promoting prayer across Scotland for these elections, starting on Friday 16th.

To see the latest Reflection, and previous ones, click here

For many years individuals and groups have gathered at locations all along the Scotland/England border in a spirit of unity and reconciliation.  They have confessed and repented of the sins of one nation towards the other, for the bloodshed, unrighteousness, injustice, division and much, much more.

There is a sense that ‘in the spirit’ much has been achieved, but yet there is still ‘work to be done’.  In that spirit a small group from both sides of the border met to pray and discuss over recent weeks and the result is ‘Cross Border Blessing’ on Wednesday 28th April.

Over 4 hours that afternoon 16 individuals/couples will pray a blessing from one nation to the other, in 15 minute sections criss-crossing the border from east to west.  In the evening, from 7.30pm – 9.00pm there will be an online gathering of folk from both nations, and probably further afield, coming together to worship and pray together under the banner of UNITY, as we celebrate what God has done and is doing to build His church across these islands ‘As One!’.

The afternoon prayer time is not online, but anyone wishing to take part can do so by following the programme and praying the set Blessing Prayer, and any other prayer of blessing at any time during the afternoon.   If you have a heart to pray with and for brothers and sisters from across the border, we invite and encourage you to join us in the evening.

For full background details, the afternoon programme and the Blessing Prayer that will be used, click here.  To take part in the evening you need to register via Eventbrite here.  The Zoom login will be sent to all registered by 5pm on the 28th.


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