Pray For Scotland



In 2007 Pray for Scotland began giving away the Father’s Love Letter – a collection of Scriptures written as a sermon by a Canadian Pastor as a letter expressing God’s love for His creation, His children.  The letter is now a global phenomenon with its own website and translated into most of the world’s languages.

We continue to receive regular requests for supplies from all over the country, as individuals and churches give them away at special events, to the homes in their areas, and to anyone they meet.  Several whole towns and villages in Scotland have received a copy, including almost every home in the Shetland Isles through a team of dedicated volunteers and, most recently, in Tillicoultry, Clackmannanshire, through a joint mailing for last Christmas by local churches.  Copies are in churches, bookshops, coffee shops, Christian hairdressers, hospital chapels and even one of Scotland’s prisons.

Through the generous giving of supporters we are able to continue supplying these – our latest printing brings the total to 375,000 since we started!  If you or your church would like some to give away, please email us .  Donations towards the costs of printing are welcome, but all we do ask for is for refund of the costs of posting bulk supplies.

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