Pray For Scotland

1st – 3rd October

BMF Conference, Livingston 1-3 October 2010
This weekend conference has a number of notable features – it is in Scotland for a start; it will include presentations from ministries other than BMF; Steven Turnbull, the new CEO of BMF in UK, is based in West Lothian and he is keen for other business Christians to meet them on the weekend and maybe lead to ministry links and cooperative, kingdom activity.
Possible joint projects –
1. 2014 Commonwealth Games and the church participation in it and in its legacy. (know any interested Christians?)
2. City networks – being in touch across our local patch.
3. Mission – how to co-operate in business as mission. (BMF have 6,000 members in Burundi; ICCC has a focus on Burundi)
Steven and I particularly share the belief that a) the Lord is doing something radically new in Scotland, and b) the Lord will use ordinary folk to do it.
   Find out more here:
Yours in Christ, Doug Flett

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