Pray For Scotland

24th – 31st October

NATIONAL WEEK OF PRAYER FOR OUR STREETS “a week of prayer to transform our communities”.

AIM: To see lives and communities changed . As you spend time in God’s presence you can’t help but be changed and it only takes 1 changed life to change a community!
Here are some suggestions, options, ways to pray, links to other websites and resources, etc. eg. pray in your church service, meet every night that week, set up a 24-7 prayer room, go prayer-walking, find your local “Street Pastors” group and pray for them,
I would like people, groups, churches to register somehow, even if it’s just sending an e. mail to me saying they will be taking part with an e. mail address I can contact them on.  The purpose in them registering or emailing or connecting up is so we can know who is joining in and how much prayer coverage there is  but also so they can say what they are doing so others might get ideas for their area . Also if they feel God is saying something for the nation or they have something  they would like prayed into we can hear what God is saying both in the lead up to and during the prayer week. We should expect to hear from God that week not just talk to him!

I will come up with a short list of prayer aims for the week and  wrap them around the Lord’s Prayer… maybe take the Lord’s Prayer line by line and apply it to praying specifically for local communities, for the work of Street Pastors, etc. definitely included will be the emphasis on praying the prayer/becoming the prayer – that’s essential. i.e. we are often the answer to our own prayer, so as we are asking God to bless our nation/area, what is he asking us to do to be a blessing? So, the short list could include encouraging prayer around the area; the Street Pastors’ work, local crime rates, local families, health and safety, alcohol abuse, reconciliation, etc.
I would encourage people, groups, churches to do a little bit of research first, into their local community, so that they are praying intelligently. Contact the local Police and let them know “we’ll be praying… what can we pray for?”. Also maybe other local authorities could be contacted.  Take a prayer walk late at night and listen to the Holy Spirit.

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