Pray For Scotland

28th February (Saturday)

There has been a call to the church for a season of prayer and fasting on the State of the Nation starting 28th February 2009 – 10-10.30am has been specifically set aside as a time when all gathered will join in prayer.

(full text of State of the Nation paper here on

 ‘On December 11th 2008, eighty Christian Leaders from most branches of the church, from both Houses of Parliament, business and education met in the House of Lords to consider the moral and spiritual implications of the financial crisis.  The meeting, which was jointly chaired by Lord Anderson of Swansea and Lord Forster the Bishop of Chester, agreed that:

 ·         The current financial situation is primarily the result of the pursuit of moral choices and values that do not accord with the Word of God.

·         God is calling all churches in Britain to a season of prayer and fasting for the nation.

·         The Christian Church should reach out to those who are already suffering as a result of the present financial crisis.

There was also a strong conviction that together we can do something about the problems in our nation and that God is calling for a united gathering of leaders to come before the Lord on behalf of the United Kingdom.  ‘Blow the trumpet in Zion, Consecrate a fast, Call a sacred assembly; Gather the people, Sanctify the congregation, Assemble the Elders.  Joel 2:15-16’

This is a call to all leaders
We therefore call on leaders from the fields of education, church, government, media, business, health and community, as many as are able, to cancel scheduled appointments, treating this as an emergency and top priority because of the critical STATE OF THE NATION, and to come together in
 ‘The State of the Nation Gathering’ Saturday 28th February 2009 from 11am – 4pm (tea/coffee available from 10am) at
Emmanuel Christian Centre, Marsham Street Westminster London SW1 (To book a place, email:

This is a call to all Christians
This is a Call to Action for us all.  Why not gather to pray with other Christians on February 28th in your area? The House of Lords group believes that ‘God wants us to begin a journey of seeking His face in large and small meetings wherever we are in the UK.  This season of prayer with fasting will take us through to Easter or Pentecost. It may be that the whole of this year needs to be given over to corporate prayer across our towns, villages and cities calling upon the Lord to save our nation from the calamity that threatens to engulf us. As we wait on him together on Saturday 28th Saturday 2009, it is our hope that God will give to his church His clear mandate and instructions.’

 ‘May God visit the United Kingdom once again in mercy not judgement. May the united Church rise up in the fullness of the Holy Spirit – infused with the word of God and our fellowship in Christ. May the legacy of our Christian forebears not be forsaken or forgotten.  Grace, Love and Peace in our Lord Jesus Christ’. From The 80 Christian Leaders who met in the House of Lords.

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