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Aberdeen City Network Preparing for Revival – Story from our Spring / Summer Printed newsletter 2014.

Aberdeen City Network Preparing for Revival

Following our last meeting in Aberdeen we havebeen seeking God for insight into what the coming revival will look like and how we should prepare our fellowships for the new believers that will soon be teeming into the Kingdom. There was a tremendous amount of interest in the use of the great new films that are now hitting our cinemas.

Many of the city pastors and leaders agree that there is an excellent opportunity to bridge the void between the world and the church as we know it today by using the cinema as a place where we can preach the gospel and reach the lost.

the perfect wave movie

To that end we are currently talking to Cineworld about a film called The Perfect Wave. This is a powerful and beautifully made film about the death experience of Ian McCormack .  He was stung by the deadly box jellyfish and the film is a superb example of a cinema grade movie about that experience, that preaches the gospel without apology. Another film to hit the big screen is God’s not Dead, another out and out evangelical cracker.

Other films due out soon, including the new blockbuster on the apostle Paul, will only add to the tremendous opportunity followers of Jesus have to invite friends, family and workmates to watch a movie and let the film do the preaching for them. Many resources are available for churches to arrange group ‘after movie’ discussions. This could be a coffee or a pizza type event that would follow on straight after the film and investigate the issues raised by what was

At Aberdeen City Network we aim to support churches in building their own fellowships, and the sponsoring of a night or two at the cinema would allow exclusive opportunities for individual churches to promote effective evangelism designed to build their own individual congregation. This is key to the success of this. Fellowships large and small can participate in outreach programmes that are outwith their normal scope, while at the same time making sure that when the seed is sown into the heart of the new believer, there is a solid church with a supporting team of leaders that can love and disciple the baby Christian.

Derek Keith


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