Pray For Scotland

New partnership with Neighbourhood Prayer Network (NPN) Dec 2014

One part of our vision is to have every street in Scotland prayed for, by encouraging individuals and small groups to set up a ‘Lighthouse of Prayer’ in their home, praying regularly for their neighbours.  In recent years we have led Lighthouse of Prayer training days and we have Lighthouse materials that we are happy to provide to anyone interested in starting one.… Continue reading »

Referendum Prayer Call Sunday 14th September

Sunday 14th September


  • Include prayer about the Referendum vote and for the nation in a Sunday morning and/or evening service.
  • On Sunday morning, hold a minute’s silence before God at 11.59am, then at 12 noon pray the Lord’s Prayer (with the option of ringing the church bells for 1 minute after praying – a peal of bells sounding out simultaneously over the nation!).
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