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Spreading the Vision – Lighthouses of Prayer

Lighthouses of Prayer  –  Spreading the Vision

(pictured left)  Alvin Vander-Griend   (author of ‘Make Your Home a Lighthouse’)

The special day held on the 6th June with Alvin gave many the opportunity to ask questions regarding Lighthouses in Scotland. The author was passing through on his way home to the United States on one his many International engagements.… Continue reading »

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Try Praying

Trypraying’ is a 7 day prayer guide. But it’s not what you think.  It is not for Christians.  ‘Trypraying’ is unapologetically for those outside the church.  According to a recent survey 20 million people in the UK admit to praying. … Continue reading »

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New Lighthouses of Prayer

In 2008 we visited many parts of the nation. Lighthouse Training days taking place in Kilmarnock, Callendar, Dumfries and Orkney to name a few. This year we have been in Kirkcaldy, West Kilbride and Prestonpans with more visits planned throughout the coming months.… Continue reading »

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