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Speaking Blessing – Speaking Life: From our Printed Newsletter Summer 2015

July 2015 E-letter

“Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.” Prov. 16:24 NIV


Summer Printed Newsletter

Our printed newsletter is now available. If you are not already on our postal list (a separate list from this e-letter mailing) and would like a paper copy, please register for one on our website, ticking the ‘Newsletter’ box. … Continue reading »

Praying for Shetland:  From our Printed Newsletter Summer 2015

There is a strong history of prayer in and for the Shetland Isles, fuelled by a deep sense that God desires to release His glory and power once again in this nation – starting in the north! Some of the key Shetland-wide prayer actvity is described here, but there is so much more – in individual churches and fellowships, home groups and prayer groups – for which we give grateful thanks, and God all the glory!Shetland… Continue reading »

A Farmer’s Testimony – God is Faithful : From our Printed Newsletter Summer 2015

The sign is unmissable, the words are apologetic but uncompromising. “Sorry we are closed on Sundays.” And underneath, in case anyone missed the religious subtext: “Exodus 20 v 8-11”.“Some people wondered why we were saying sorry,” says Robert Todd, owner of Blacketyside farm and shop with his wife Eleanor, “But we felt that if you have been coming for quite a long time and enjoying a Sunday lunch, you may be a wee bit disappointed.… Continue reading »

New partnership with Neighbourhood Prayer Network (NPN) Dec 2014

One part of our vision is to have every street in Scotland prayed for, by encouraging individuals and small groups to set up a ‘Lighthouse of Prayer’ in their home, praying regularly for their neighbours.  In recent years we have led Lighthouse of Prayer training days and we have Lighthouse materials that we are happy to provide to anyone interested in starting one.… Continue reading »