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Church Planting in Glasgow – Story from Printed Newsletter Spring 2012

Church Planting in Glasgow 
By Becky and Daniel Frank

Where do we begin? That was the question we asked in seeking to bring transformation to the Wallacewell Parish eleven months ago when we were asked to come and do something new and fresh as a church plant! A priority area parish where 43% are on benefits, youth unemployment is above the national average and morale is low in the midst of great transition and change.
People are keen to collaborate; it just needs someone to pull it all together. The key has been seeking to build relationship with the leaders of local schools, community organizations, police, churches, city councillors, MSP, residents’ associations, businesses in Glasgow and many other concerned leaders who share a vision for transformation for the area. We have hosted two strategy meetings so far and on both occasions it is amazing to see how as hope rises God knits hearts and minds together! People hear about ministries they didn’t know were in the area; bridges are built; lines of communication opened and people are empowered to go forward together.

The results are the beginnings of a strategic unified network of churches and community services working together to bring kingdom values back into an area that has felt abandoned. Sounds like the beginnings of a chain reaction. An exciting season of untapping the ancient wells!



Want to mobilise your church to engage with community transformation?


Visit Tearfund’s website: and follow the links to Resources → Churches → Engage with your community → ‘Unpacking the Discovery Process’ for some inspiration and practical advice.

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