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‘God at Work’ … in the West of Scotland – Printed Newsletter Summer 2013

Printed Newsletter Summer 2013

‘God at Work’ … in the West of Scotlandscotland-west
In this newsletter we are focusing on ‘God at work’ in the West of Scotland. We give thanks to God for all we hear and see in churches, missionary agencies and ministries with offices in Glasgow and Strathclyde. The motto of Glasgow is ‘Let Glasgow flourish’, this means to thrive, achieve success and prosper. The full motto, inscribed in 1637 on the bell of the Trongate, whose steeple still exists, is ‘Lord, let Glasgow flourish through the preaching of thy word and the praising of thy name.’ Let us believe for this as we come into a time of opportunity for mission in the city in preparation for and during the Commonwealth Games.

Let us also remember to pray for young people this summer time – those at SU camps and church missions, and for the
safety and well-being of young people all over Scotland.
Jean Black, Director, Pray for Scotland.

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