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Grasping the Nettle: From our Printed Newsletter Summer 2015

What is the future for the church in Scotland? Well, the first thing to say is that you have to look beyond the statistics to understand the full story. Our culture is used to constant change but we do well to remember the French wisdom – “plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose”: the more things change, the more they remain the same. In terms of the big questions of life, this statement is redolent with truth. Why are we here? Are we really only creatures of chance?
Where do we have our beginning and what is our destiny? These and other similar questions resonate eternally within the human mind and these create a major opportunity for the Christian church to offer a winsome perspective: that we are not just here by chance; that the universe is not a happy accident; that the existence of a human mind reflects the mind behind the universe.

But can such a world view be justified? Has contemporary science not demonstrated the redundancy of a God who could be described as creator? This profound misunderstanding is penetrating the minds of people, fostering the view that science and God are in conflict. This prickly subject is actually a false dichotomy, but it is a ‘nettle that needs to be grasped.’ Grasping the Nettle is a new national inter-denominational movement aimed at transforming the public understanding of science and God. With a wideranging programme of events, from dinners and concerts to lectures and public debates, Grasping the Nettle is an exciting opportunity for Christians to understand both science and faith in new ways
and to become more adept at sharing their faith in the context of our contemporary culture.
For many, a starting point will be the Exploring the God Question TV/DVD series. Developed by a Scottish producer, this series has been broadcast to millions on mainstream TV in parts of Europe, Asia and Africa, stimulating debate about the relationship between God and science. The DVD version is in 30 countries. A version for schools is soon to be released.

Please pray for:
• Wisdom for church leaders as they strategise.
• Strength and creativity for the organisers of events
• Minds and hearts opened to new ways of understanding both science and faith
• A spiritual re-awakening in Scotland

For more information visit:

Very Rev. John Chalmers
Chairman, Grasping the Nettle
[Moderator of the General Assembly
of the Church of Scotland 2014/15]

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