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Lighthouses of Prayer – Story from Printed Newsletter Summer 2012

Lighthouses of Prayer

Lighthouses of Prayer are groups of two or more people who agree together to pray, care and share the Good News wherever they are. This can happen in a neighbourhood, workplace, or can involve people fromĀ  different churches who live in the same area. It could simply be in their street as they pray for their neighbours,reach out with acts of kindness and befriend those around them. When this praying and caring culture has been established, opportunities to share our faith are often more readily available to us. Telling people about the Good News is often easier when they have already, through our prayers for them and our care towards them, experienced something of what itmeans.

There are over 100 towns and cities around the nation in which Lighthouse groups are now meeting. This vision is certainly impacting Scotland. In October 2008 there was a Pray for Scotland conference in a lighthouse at Gairloch. As a result of that conference a number of Lighthouses of Prayer groups now meet together at least once a year to share what the Lord is doing in their area. It is such an encouragement to hear how the Lord is working in different areas of the nation.

As we meet we ask and share about what the Lord is saying or doing in our area. Are you part of a Lighthouse of Prayer?

If you want to register your Lighthouse with PfS contact us at the address below, and tell us how God is using your group to impact your community.

Pray for Scotland
c/o 67 Murray Place, Stirling, FK8 1AU


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