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Men’s Breakfasts – Story from Printed Newsletter Spring 2013

Men’s Breakfasts

There are usually men meeting to pray somewhere in the northeast every Saturday morning.

The Inverurie Men’s breakfast has been an almost weekly event for about 20 years, and men’s breakfasts take place in mensEllon, Portsoy, sometimes in Buckie, along with occasional events organised by men nearer Aberdeen. While these all have their own history and style, they each give opportunity for men from different churches across the whole area to meet and pray. The past six months has seen a growth of connections by men attending not just their “home” venue, but visiting one or more of the others to share fellowship in what is happening for Jesus’ Kingdom across the north east. Among them have been at least two of the new Church of Scotland ministers in the area, while another leads a weekly Saturday morning prayer meeting in Peterhead.

Men’s breakfasters’ encouraging signs of the progress of Jesus’ kingdom in the north-east during the past six months include:

  • Schools in different places have suddenly become open to more regular Christian involvement, with some of them actively requesting it.
  • Adults have become Christians in several towns with the new Christians being quick to grow in their understanding, and to participate in church life.
  • Church members are bolder in stepping out to do things they have not done before.
  • There is a notable increase of people from the community coming to the church’s special events.
  • There is now a culture in the church of invitation which seems to be working.
  • Two young people with no Christian background have given their lives to Jesus.
  • This year’s Keith agricultural show was the “best ever” for fruitful God-directed conversations.
  • There has been a welcome influx of evangelical CofS ministers into the area.
  • There are many more children and young people in contact with various churches.
  • One boy came on his own to a church service in order to become a Christian.

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