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National Day of Prayer & Worship Wembley 29 September

National Day of Prayer and Worship

Wembley Stadium

29th of September :: 2.30 to 6.30

Just days to go to the BIGGEST gathering of Christians in decades at Wembley! 

Join thousands of believers for an historic and unforgettable day as
we stand as one to fight for the destiny of the British Isles.

Get ready to mobilise your church, organise your transport and book your coaches
We are encouraging you to text, tweet, telephone all your contacts 
this weekend to let them know what is happening at Wembley and book their tickets.

Also, we are also pleased to announce a 40 days of prayer guide which has been posted today on YouVersion.  The guide will help us focus our attention on the needs of our neighbours and the streets we live on as well as the wider needs within our Nation.  To start following this guide to Wembley and beyond please click here. 

Please spread the word, let’s mobilise pray for our community as we prepare for our time together at Wembley.
Have a great weekend and keep praying!
Every Blessing, 
The Planning and Organising Team of GDOP Team
Register today @ or telephone 08456 528 600  

                 GDOP London Team

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