Pray For Scotland

New Section started – February 2009:

Here we will include reports from our many contacts around Scotland and particularly our Lighthouses of Prayer.
We are eager to hear your stories!

Since the launch of Lighthouses of Prayer in April of last year there are now almost 100 Lighthouses praying, caring and sharing across the nation. We have heard wonderful stories of how focused pray-ers are reaching out to their neighbours and all across their communities with tangible expressions of care – opening the doors for whole families to experience the Good News of Christ. It’s a time of prayer, care and share!

We are looking for your Lighthouse stories to post on our web site for all to read and enjoy.

Here is one such story:

Getting near Christmas time we felt God tell us to “do an act of kindness” for our neighbours.  So we  made a variety of sweets, packaged them attractively with a card explaining who we were and saying that we were praying for our neighbours, and delivered them personally two days before Christmas. We were amazed at the very positive response we received. Some people had tears in their eyes when we introduced ourselves and handed over the gift we had made for them. The act of kindness had touched their hearts. One lady said we would never know what a wonderful thing we had done for her that day!

Today our prayer times have become a ‘Lighthouse of Prayer’ in the street God has answered our prayer for houses to be occupied by Christians. But this is only one of the answers to prayer we have had as God’s Spirit is at work in our neighbourhood. There is no limit to what God can do through Christians getting together to ‘Pray, Care and Share’ for their neighbours.

Email us at  and send us your story! We look forward to sharing it with the nation.

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