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Orkney Trip May 2011

From Shetlands we journeyed on to Orkney to meet up with and encourage  Pray-ers on the islands and do a Lighthouse training evening. We had a wonderful time in Orkney thanks to Moira & Ivan Scott and Willie Buchan. The Lighthouse training evening in The Scott’s home was attended by about 10 people and we had a great time, doing a Lighthouse of Prayer presentation and getting feedback and hearing testimonies of the Orkney LOP’s. There are now 18 lighthouses of prayer in Orkney and counting.

Moira is part of the leadership for Love Orkney that has been prayer walking and celebrating God on the Orkney Islands.

Willie also currently leads a prayer meeting in the Town Hall on Tuesday mornings which has met for 22 years. He is presently arranging a Tent Mission after His daughter received healing to her body after being prayed for at a Highways-Byways-Mission meeting this spring.

Orkney Tent mission Summer 2011.
Please pray for the Tent mission which has been planned for the month of June in partnership with the Highways-Byways-Mission. For details of any of the above please contact Willie Buchan on

A Personal testimony from the Buchans.
They recently attended a mission, their daughter Jackie has been in a lot of pain and was prayed for on the first evening, there seemed to be no instant healing. “On the second evening Jackie did not come with us but was waiting to welcome us back and show us the healing God has started in her life.  She is able to raise her arms above her head, her leg had grown so both legs are now the same length, and she is two inches taller. We are believing God to continue this healing process in our daughter’s life.”
Willie is also able to testify that God has healed a finger which the doctors were going to operate on and he is able to continue to praise God on the organ.

Love Orkney– We had some great prayer times with the Love Orkney team, hearing how they have been traveling to the different Islands and areas of Orkney to Pray and Worship God.
They have visited many of the 17 inhabited islands in the last two years, prayer walking and in the evening holding a gathering for the people.
Their vision: Our first call is to love the Lord and love the people.
Our strategy is to prayer walk the land, To connect wherever possible with people and Praying for the community and the homes , Asking the Lord to bless

Have a look at our website to see  what we are trying to do and get in touch if you want to partner with us for Orkney  Go to:

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