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Prophetic Summary from Pray For Scotland Gathering 21st September 2013

Prophetic Summary from Pray For Scotland Gathering 21st September 2013 in West Kilbride.
summarized by Stephen & Angela Boler

The paragraphs below summarize the prophetic input brought giving major themes and issues for prayer for the nation. A Prophetic Summary is not a prophecy – it is a summary and interpretation of words given on the day.

It should therefore only be quoted in full not in part.


A. Generations working together for the harvest

  •  ‘Don’t neglect the tears’ – Hezekiah’s experience of being restored to health, when, facing death, he sought God’s face with tears, indicates, “The Lord does respond to prayer.” Resurrection power prevails over the death we see in the land. We are to believe for resurrection life; reformation for transformation
  • Have sowed, & need to continue to sow (in prayer) ‘in tears’, but ‘God’s voice has spoken’ and we have entered a ‘suddenly, now time’ of unexpected fruitfulness and glory, into a season of reaping which God designs to be extended and far abundantly beyond what we may ask or think.
    •  Ps126 describes the process of the last 19-20 years – the unexpected and powerful outpouring of the Spirit in the mid 90’s – when we were taken from our captivity into the Father’s love – we were like ‘those who dreamed, and our mouths were filled with laughter.
    •  But then the Lord has continued to lead the intercessors down the paths of sowing with tears.
    • This correlates with the present Joel 2 emphasis connected with the StAnd, etc. – weeping between the porch and altar, all generations together, God answering with a powerful outpouring of the Spirit & further restoration – grain, new wine, oil, and removal of reproach.
    • There is anticipation of a fresh crashing of a wave of the Holy Spirit. It will be again like ‘those who dreamed’ psalm 126 a time of reaping of the harvest in the joy and peace of God. Totally secure in who He is and what He has to release. A deep inner work of joy. Joy will be a reaping tool. The rule of God coming from the joy and peace.
    • We should anticipate harvest ‘in and out of season’ – just as Jesus expected fruit on the fig tree out of season. God can speak in any season and fruit must come forth, not just sowing and then reaping in due season. We can reap outside actual harvest, due season, by faith and governmental declaration. In the season of grace for multiplication laws of sowing and reaping are superseded by faith for fruit. A suddenly that defies the season. Cf Amos 9, the ploughman overtaking the reaper. Therefore we must expect, and seek wisdom to steward, a sustained harvest and multiplication (over decades) – seek an anointing for longevity. Man will not be able to put his hand on the harvest as it will come in various manifestations and God will receive the glory.
  • In this process, the relationship between the generations will be critical
    • A ‘combined harvester’ to see the harvest brought in.
    • Vital that the older generation does not take on an ‘elder brother’ mentality but rather, encourages new ones to be raised up. Grace is needed to not be offended at the new ways God pours out and reveals himself – offence at how others are being used will quench the harvest.
    • When the Amalekites attached Israel, Joshua was sent into battle, but Moses stood in his authority and understood the timing – but there was trust between Joshua and Moses, between the generations (built out of relationship and working together in previous trials). Joshua may have thought he won with the sword, but it took the authority of the fathers also.
    •  Will be battles ahead as move into the fruitful phase – noting the Amalekites represent ‘the flesh’.  So it is important that we know where we are to be positioned for the battle – victory will come through both warfare and relationship, respecting our different roles.
    •  It is Christ incarnate, formed in us; this destroys the Amalekites (the flesh). See Jesus in each other, Christ enthroned in our hearts, Christ with flesh on in our behaviour and devotion. The definition of the church as the one who bears the imprint of Christ


  • Older generation, the ‘fathers’ need to keep hearts open to the younger generation ‘sons’. Open heart to come along side the next generations; not blocking the new generations but co-working together.
  •  Just as Joshua would go into the presence of God with Moses. Fresh young ministries need to go into the cloud of God’s glory with the fathers so that the coming battles can be won successfully.
  • It is vital that the ‘Fathers’ communicate their intention to press through into fullness of mercy, see society transformation and leave a good legacy for the sake of generations to come, Imparting zeal, passion and faith to them, and not be like Hezekiah, who, after being given extended life (personal ‘revival’) was content with his own welfare but unconcerned when told the future generation would be given into the hands of evil & destruction – quite possibly this is why his son Manasseh gave himself to evil, the lack of care of his father disenchanted him, though the Lord brought him to repentance and mercy at the end of his life.
  • Hearts of the fathers turned to the children and children to the fathers. A defeat of fatherless-ness in the land. The younger generation, particularly in Scotland, need to be healed of ‘fatherless-ness’, a major issue in the nation at this time: children enabled to understand what it is to be parented; parents how to parent. I.e. Leadership through fathering and mothering. Father heart message and Culture of honour. Church to be a family. Nurture, honour, respect, care, no isolation. Generations coming together flows from this.
  • Repentance required for the broken model – for mercy and restoration of the true model i.e. revelation of how the trinity functions.
  • Parents give it away to the next generations don’t hold on to it all, bless next generation to do things in new ways. Not jealous but encouraging and releasing, blessing and giving to the next generation. Not restricting and boxing in the next generation by boxing in what we have experienced, break the box, let go in the spirit. God is bigger than our boxes.
  • Time for generations to come together in partnership to release the fullness of God’s purposes

B. Further Networking and Unity of Ministries/Body of Christ around the Finished Work of Christ

  • The Lord will be bringing together prayer and ministries in a closer and closer way. It will be a nameless faceless three-dimensional net of close unity in the glory and nature of Christ. From this place of unity in the glory the rule and Kingdom and Sovereignty of Christ will be released through His people into thenation. Psalm 133 and John 17. An oneness in Christ, a manifestation of the one new man in Christ in Scotland. Eph 2:13-22- . Congregations of cities coming together for prayer, outreach etc.- see beyond walls.
  • A cord of 3 strands is not easily broken – Eccl.4:13 – in a rope factory – strands brought together to give incredible strength. A red cord coming from heaven into the room. Like the cord used by Rahab, who put it outside the window so she and her family would not be killed when Jericho was taken (Joshua 2).This is a picture of the revelation of the finished work of the cross/atonement – we unite and are entwined around the finished work. (if I be lifted up I will draw all men to me). This leads to a dwelling place for God being built in the nation. Twist rope strands in opposite directions to lock them together – then if try to unravel it – it can’t be unravelled. God is the weaver, rope maker, we can only position ourselves and each of the 3 generations so that he can weave us all together. It may look like things in the generations are going in different directions but let us trust and pray that God is weaving the strands together.
  • Let us be multilingual – speak various languages to connect and bring together, and be bridge builders, peace makers.
  • – Jesus be pre-eminent; reveal the glory of the Son, let there be wisdom and revelation of Jesus. Let the Bride have passion for you, captured by your beauty; have your inheritance and bride in this nation; bride full of holy longing for you.

To download this document as a PDF:  Final Document Prophetic Summary from Pray For Scotland Gathering 21st September 2013-1 (1)


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