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Referendum Prayer Call Wednesday 17th September



Wednesday 17th September

  • Between 7am and 10pm, churches open their doors at times to suit them, for people to come in and pray.
    • Within these times, have set times for corporate prayer according to each church’s circumstances, e.g. early morning, or for an hour over lunch.
  • Arrange a special closing time of prayer and worship in the evening, possibly jointly with other local churches.
  • Wherever they are, individuals pray during the day when they can, on their own or in groups, for example in homes etc.
  • On each hour we all pray the Lord’s Prayer wherever we are, and for “An outcome that benefits Christ’s Kingdom in Scotland.”
  • Those that wish to, fast for some or all of the day as we pray.

National Church Leaders launch Referendum Prayer Call

With the Referendum fast approaching, the national leaders of many of the major denominations and church groups in Scotland have joined in a unique ‘call’ to the Church to pray about the vote and the kind of Scotland we wish to see in the future, whatever the result.

Will you help to publicise the prayer call? If you are a church leader – will you encourage your congregation to take part in one of the ways the letter suggests on either Sunday 14th or Wednesday 17th – or both?

To read the full prayer call CLICK HERE.

If you are a church member – will you encourage your leadership to be involved, in whatever way suits your church best, and will you commit to praying on one or both days? Please also circulate the letter to your contacts and tell your friends about it on Facebook and Twitter etc.

If your church will be taking part in some way, please email with your church name and town/city, so we can build up a picture of the prayer taking place all over Scotland.

For suggested prayer topics/notes, please email:

At this crucial time for our nation, the call to the church is: ‘Rise up and Pray’!

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