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Referendum week of prayer

Referendum week of prayer

There is a lot of prayer taking place leading up to the Referendum. This is what we know of so far:

Friday evening 12th & Saturday 13th: ‘Your Kingdom Come’ prayer gathering in Stirling –
More info CLICK HERE.

Sunday 14th: First national day of prayer and fasting – More info CLICK HERE

Monday 15th & Tuesday 16th:

Carubbers Christian Mission, High Street, Edinburgh, open between 10am and 3pm for prayer.

Wednesday 17th: Second national day of prayer and fasting – More info CLICK HERE

Wednesday 17th & Thursday 18th:

38 hours of continuous prayer from 10am on the 17th to 12 midnight on the 18th hosted by Parliamentary Prayer Scotland at their regular meeting venue of the Salvation Army Centre, East Adam Street, The Pleasance, Edinburgh EH8 9TF. Drinks available – fast if directed. ‘Come when you can and go when you must’. For details of session times and local parking contact Anne McIntyre at or 01259 751945

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