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Report from 4/14 window Global summit Singapore

Background on the 4/14 window  

God is calling us to a new missional focus: the 4/14 window of opportunity to transform the world. God is calling us to radically change the way we view children and to respond to their strategic importance and rightful place in His Kingdom. This often ignored and suffering people group can be transformed into a precious window of opportunity. In God’s hands, this enormous and largely ignored people group become agents of transformational mission under the headship of Jesus Christ.

“Raising up a New Generation from the 4/14 Window to Transform the World” (aka 4/14 Window Global Initiative) is a bold process of collaboration and mobilization that seeks to respond in obedience to God’s call for this new missional focus. This global initiative or movement begins with the launch of global tracks that will serve as building blocks to the fulfillment of the movement’s core purpose. As each track fulfills its mission, the overall mission is fulfilled.

Christian leaders from around the globe are coming together to make an urgent appeal to consider the strategic importance and potential of the children and youth in the 4/14 Window. At this summit we would like to launch a global initiative that will rally the body of Christ worldwide to prioritize their mission in reaching, equipping and empowering the 4/14 generation to maximize their transformational impact while they are young, and mobilize them for continuing impact for the rest of their lives. We are calling this the 4/14 Initiative. The Summit provides a way in which we can converse directly to each other about the shared challenge, related problems and unique opportunities of raising up a new generation. Our vision is to see that this younger generation recognized by the body of Christ worldwide as one of the primary agents of holistic mission and transformation, and that will be making a difference in the societal spheres of their nations.

Report from Jane Mackie

4/14 GLOBAL SUMMIT III SINGAPORE CHILDREN IN TRANSFORMATIONAL MINISTRY REPORT Before I arrived in Singapore I had great expectations that God was going to do something powerful at the 4/14 Global Summit.  

 I couldn’t have guessed how He was going to do it. The CTM Track certainly lived up to expectations.  We were 85 people representing 22 nations.  The forty 4/14ers bonded quickly and became inseparable.  Day one was spent in preparing our hearts and listening to God together.  On day two the Holy Spirit took over during a time of worship and prayer.  Following presentations from each of the nations we had only 20 minutes left of the session to respond in prayer but we also wanted to worship, so we did both at the same time, half the room praying, half the room worshipping, then changing over.  The freedom in worship and the flow of giftings and anointings made it almost unstoppable, but “buses to catch” meant we had to! We weren’t expecting too much “spiritually” from the kids on day three, Thursday. 

The host church had generously blessed them with a trip to the zoo, returning only at 4 pm.  However when we entered the track room for our meeting the kids had been worshipping since their return.  At 4.30 some were crying, others were praying, all were caught up in God’s presence.  This was the time we were due to start our session of “strategic planning”, but there was no way we were going to interfere with God’s plan.  At 6 pm, after two hours of Holy Spirit led worship, prayer, ministry and more, I thought there was a chance we might have a little time after all.  Instead, one of the adult leaders stepped forward to bring a word concerning the lack of protection for children and asked their forgiveness for something related to that in his own life.  This brought each of the 40 or so adults to their knees in repentance before the children.  After much weeping, and then more worship, another 7 pm finish!

The final day was spent trying to catch up with our planning in preparation for our afternoon presentation to the wider Summit.  Our track had 15 minutes to bring a prophetic message, to be a voice for the 4/14 generation.  The pressure was great and the kids needed assurance that God would speak through them and use them whatever the presentation might look like.  At last year’s Summit in New York God did something awesome, so why not this time? Well, the presentation all went wrong, nothing went to plan!  The audio/visuals were out of order, didn’t play properly, things were forgotten, the kids didn’t share as planned, and a whole section didn’t happen because we were told we were out of time. 

Chris and I were coping with shock and disappointment and we knew the kids were too.  We were wondering how we were going to encourage them as this was now the end of the Summit.  The plenary speaker took the platform, delivered her message, and then it happened!  We didn’t see this one coming … With the permission of Summit leader, Bambang Budjianto, one of the older teenage boys mounted the platform, took the microphone, invited the forty 4/14ers to join him and began to address the Summit.  He asked for video cameras to be paused and apologised in advance for what he was about to say. He emphasised over and over that he did not want to cause offence, but explained that he had been compelled by the Holy Spirit and needed to be obedient. 

He drew attention to the title of the Summit – the 4/14 Window – and whilst acknowledging that everything had been done perfectly, he said that one thing had been forgotten – the 4/14ers.  He asked the question that if all agreed they should “rise up” then why were they “down there” listening to preaching when they should be on the platform?  Summit leader, Dr Luis Bush, responded quickly and went to his knees before him to ask for forgiveness, but the young man said he hadn’t quite finished.  (It did happen later) I was asked by the leadership to take the microphone, so in support of the kids I expressed my understanding of the message and how they felt, in so far as they would have been well able to contribute to the leadership of the Summit had they been given the opportunity. 

 I added an encouragement that perhaps the next Summit could be led by them – the response was spontaneous applause. Our presentation wasn’t finished after all.  Spontaneous worship broke out led by the young leader from Vanuatu, one of the older teenage girls took the microphone and delivered a powerful message, and the leadership released the children to pray for and bless the adults.  Within minutes the altar was filled with adults coming to the children on their knees, some in repentance, but all in humility.  The presence of God could be tangibly felt flowing from these anointed young people throughout the church sanctuary.  God’s glory fell in that room and it has gone forth now to the nations! God had something on His heart to say, and He used a child to say it!

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