Pray For Scotland

Street Church – Edinburgh – 11th December

Please note that this is a test run for a full roll out of Street Church next year. The schedule is subject to change. Our thanks go to Encounter Church, High Street, Edinburgh and Pastor Eric Jarrett and his team for his help and encouragement for our first event. Next year we aim to have many different worship leaders, preachers, and drama/dance/ hip hop etc teams. Our aim in not to replace Sunday morning Church but to create an meeting on the street where we can worship God in different ways and also share the Gospel message with an alter call.

Worship: Encounter Church, Edinburgh
Human Video: Luke Jarrett
Preaching: Scott McKenzie
Healing Ministry Team: Stephen Tiernan (Healing on the Streets)
Salvation Ministry Team: Bruce Rose (John 3:7)
Pastoral Oversight: Eric Jarrett

Start 2pm. Welcome and intro
2.05pm – 2.15pm: Worship
2.15pm – 2.20pm: Gospel Message
2.20pm – 2.25pm: Ministry time
2.25pm – 2.35pm: Worship
2.35pm – 2.45pm: Human Video
2.45pm – 2.50pm: Gospel Message
2.50pm – 2.55pm: Ministry.
2.55pm – 3.10pm: Worship
3.10pm – 3.15pm: Gospel Message
3.15pm – ……….: Ministry

This event is organised by West Fife Revival (soon to be Scotland Revival) and if you have any questions,   please contact me on: 07900 926168. Blessings, Bruce Rose

Please come along and support and encourage our first event. Please feel free to forward this to anyone who you think may be interested.

Prayer meeting: we will be meeting at the Mercat Cross, High Street, Edinburgh on Wednesday 8th  at 8.30pm
to pray for the event and all are welcome. We will pray for half an hour or so on the street and then maybe go down to Starbucks to warm up and grab a coffee.

On the 11th we will be meeting at about 12 noon for a time of Worship and prayer before the event. These details are still to be finalised.

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