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Strictly Come Praying – Story from Printed Newsletter Spring 2011

Strictly Come Praying by Lisa Hornal ~ Dundee for Christ
On Sunday 27th March 130 young people and their leaders descended on ‘The Link’, Ward Road Dundee for a day focused on prayer. Strictly Come Praying, Scripture Union Scotland’s annual youth prayer event, has run in Grangemouth for the past few years, but this year was the first time it had been held in Dundee co-hosted by Dundee For Christ.The day started at 3pm with an opening session to introduce the day and the main theme ‘Dare to Ask’ taken from Ephesians 3:20.

Among others there was a workshop on how the armour of God helps our daily prayer lives, looking at how we have to stay focused and how God has given us the armour we need to stand strong in our belief and in Him. Another popular choice was a workshop on how to pray according to your personality; whether you’re creative and pray while drawing, a writer who journals, or someone who prays to God in the great outdoors, there was something for everyone to learn. While one half of the group had dinner, the other half had the chance to go round the prayer stations which were set up.

The young people chose as many or as few as they could fit in, and they prayed for everything from their friends and family using concertina dolls and newspapers, to praying for the wider world on jigsaw pieces on a map. The day closed with an evening session reflecting on the topics covered and Martin Clarke brought the day to a close. A great day was had by all and is perfectly summarised by a comment from one of those who attended:

“I came along on my own to Strictly Come Praying – and I absolutely loved it !…I really enjoyed the worship at the start and loved the prayer stations and workshops too… I also thoroughly enjoyed the evening service and felt that God was definitely moving in the place. Going along definitely has made me feel more confident when praying…Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience, I certainly will never forget my day at Strictly Come Praying.”


The Grangemouth event followed the same theme as Dundee, with Howard Espie this time challenging young people from God’s word to be bold in prayer. God’s presence was powerfully felt at an exciting “prayer storm” as young people lit glowsticks and shouted prayers of adoration and intercession using the initials of the word “PRAY!” A wonderful day!

Elizabeth McDowall, SU Scotland

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