Pray For Scotland


THE STAND 30th November 2013
PROPHETIC SUMMARY (compiled by Stephen & Angela Boler)

Please Note: The following statements provide a summary of prophetic revelations received and recorded by attendees of The StAnd prayer day in Glasgow, 30 November 2013, having been subject to a weighing, interpreting and evaluation
process. The statements are not in themselves ‘prophecies’ but are valuable for insight into the heart and plan of God, for encouragement and faith, for prayer and may be used for proclamation.

These statements should not be used in isolation or out-of-context, and these guidelines must always be shown with hem.

The Father’s Affirmation

  • Ps 102:13 – “The Lord is arising to have compassion on you Scotland” – it is time to be gracious to you, for your appointed time has come – It’s a time of breakthrough – jubilee, revival.
  • The tears sown in prayer for the nation, and which will continue to be sown, will bring a great reaping with joy, and much fruit and effectiveness.
  • ‘You are my righteous ones who are seeking My face – I hear your voice and I answer your prayers for this land.’

God’s Purposes Stated

  • God is acting now in our land to resurrect and revive. He is drawing His Church back to first love and to understand the fullness of the Covenant He has made with us – His finished work in Christ. So we will respond in faith to what God is graciously doing.
  • God’s Spirit is working strongly to build genuine love, reconciliation and unity amongst His people, crossing the denominations, through a renewed love and passion for God, seeking His face and a focus on the work of the cross, the fruit of which will be many. An army is arising of ones loved by God, lovers of God, ones who love the people and the nation
  • Scotland is amongst the nations that God sees as green, fertile – He is giving grace at ‘grass-roots’ level for a move of prayer, of Godly love, and of Christ’s peace in the nation.
  • Scotland is ripe for the harvest. He is giving faith for mass repentance and forgiveness and for the mighty hand of God to convict of sin and righteousness and judgement.
  • Scotland you will see the Father heart again – many will find their way back to the Father.
  • Through heartfelt forgiveness and releasing deep (even ones nationally held) bitternesses, the Church in Scotland will be enabled to truly express her role as a royal priesthood in a beautiful way and have much influence for good.
  • The joy of the Lord will be the strength of the nation.
  • Fresh ‘sounds’ from heaven’s throne-room are being released – as we hear and recognise these ‘sounds’ it will change much.
    • Fresh ‘heavenly’ worship will be one expression of this
    • God’s healing will be in these sounds and in the worship.
  • Scotland – it is time for much to be given back for the good things sown historically into many nations.


Responding to His Grace

  • Don’t look at yourself as small – from seeds sown by Godly people of past generations (prayers, faith and lives laid down), mighty men and women of God are being raised up as oaks of righteousness.
  • It’s time to repent of curses and dishonouring statements spoken over other nations. Time for Scotland to release blessings over and build healthy relationships with all the nations of the earth.
  • It’s time to arise with courage and boldness and the fire and passion of God – to speak out for Him (the gospel, for righteousness) – He is with us.
  • There is a move of the glory and the presence of God in the land. So run to Him and His light and His glory will guide us. Keeping our eyes on the glory and presence of God.

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