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Unveiling of Plaque in memory of the 1859 Revival at Gourock Ropeworks

Unveiling of Plaque in memory the 1859 Revival at Gourock Rope works 

Rosanne and Henry Birkmyre Semple – dear friends of ours embarked on an adventure in Port Glasgow on Weds 21 March 2012 .
They and their family (cousins, children, grandchildren, even great grandchildren) were present at the unveiling of a large public statue made by a Christian sculptor which was commissioned by the Inverclyde Trust responsible for the area’s redevelopment. 

Then the dignitaries and the rest of the party continued on to Gourock Ropeworks (previously owned by generations of Henry’s forbears and now refurbished into fabulous residential flats) where they  unveiled a plaque to the 1859 revival.  The plaque commemorates the revival which came to Scotland partly helped by Henry’s great-great grandfather William Birkmyre, the then Provost of Port Glasgow and owner of the ropeworks.  He had heard of the great move of God in Canada and the USA and when it spread to Ireland, he brought two of the converts from Ireland to his factory to share their testimonies with his many hundreds of workers during a 2 week holiday.  God moved!  Revival spread throughout the Clyde region and through the rest of Scotland to the nations. 
Rosanne recently had a dream and in it, wherever she shares about the 1859 revival, starting at this unveiling, she saw revival break out.

Please pray for God to bless Port Glasgow and to do what He has promised Rosanne, then watch out for what happens!  Pasted below is a document about the 1859 revival.


AND we have just heard that some people, led by the Lord, have started to meditate on 2 Chronicles 7 v 14 each night at 9pm inviting the Lord to rescue the nation.  Will you join in?

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