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12 Men Praying for Lorn – Story from Printed Newsletter January 2014

12 Men Praying for Lorn 

It began while setting up a Light and Life outreach in Oban. There were only 2 men present helping a wonderful team of ladies. ‘Where are all the men?’ they said.

A little later one of the men returned to find the ladies storming the gates of Heaven in prayer for what would take place. In his head he heard the words ‘I am looking for 12 men in Lorn who will stand together as prayer warriors.’ There was a pause and he heard the words ‘and I can’t find them’. A group of men who identify with this vision, believing that God is calling men to stand up, take authority and pray for the kingdom to come in their locality, have now been praying together for about a year. The key points for this prayer initiative seem to be:

  • The vision for 12 men to stand as prayer warriors (key scriptures Eph 6, 10 – 18 and Mathew 6, 7-15), praying in the model of the Lord’s Prayer and wrestling with spiritual powers rather than complaining about people.
  • Praying for revival that will transform ourselves, our churches, schools and community, by the presence of God,
  • Prayer that will bring humility, holiness, hunger. A sense that things are hopeless without His presence.
  • The realisation that Unity of Christians and particularly church leaders is vital for God’s kingdom coming in our district, and so we pray for a strategy that will bring us together till we can come as one and repent of the visions and pray for reconciliation and healing of hurts that have divided us for centuries.
  • The style of praying (no shopping lists): first establishing what the Holy Spirit wants, and once that is agreed, praying with as much authority as they feel appropriate.
  • A responsibility to pray for protection of one another, non denominational ministries, joint church events and leaders, and particularly the small army of women who are so active in local Christian outreaches.
  • The concept of a unity covenant for those who are comfortable with this.
  • A focus on the district of Lorn – the place in which we live and worship. There is an expectation that God will raise similar groups for other districts.
  • Praying with authority for specific things to happen – and reports that specific things have happened!

The group has been nicknamed ‘The 12 men of Lorn’. It is not restricted to 12 and is not some kind of elite group. Any men who identify with the vision are welcome to join; some are unable to be present at meetings, but stand with the group. They have yet to have 12 present at any one time and wonder if it will be a special day when that happens.

This seems to be only one local expression of a growing belief around Scotland that our Father is calling men to stand up and take a lead in Prayer.
Robert Rae

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