Pray For Scotland

17 May 2009 (Sunday)

We are delighted to announce our Spring Praise Nights the first of which will be happening in Edinburgh on the 17th May

The Edinburgh event will be at Palmerston Place Church at 8.30pm

As part of these worship events, we will also be launching our all-new album “unbroken”. This is an all-original album, with music written and performed by past and present members of the Origin music team. We are very excited by it, and pray it will be a blessing both to you and used as an outreach tool, as many of the songs are based on the Psalms and contain that element of struggle with which we can all identify.

You also can download a jpg to be used as a powerpoint slide for your church, or as an e-flyer to your friends.

We hope you put this event in your diary and hope to see you there!

Yours in the Lord Jesus,
Colin Peckham
Ministry Leader
Origin Scotland

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