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24-7 Prayer during StoreHouse conference 23-24 March

24 hour prayer and worship coordinated alongside the Storehouse conference that is coming up in Stirling 23-24 March. 

I sense it is on God’s heart for us to pray for the nation and also I feel it is a real opportunity for ‘younger’ people (who would mostly be motivated to worship and pray creatively) to meet and pray with ‘older’ people (who mostly would attend the conference) who have prayed for Scotland and beyond for decades and have so much experience and also anointing in prayer.

Having 24hour worship and prayer alongside the conference would enable younger people to pray in more creative ways, weaving worship and prayer together, and the conference delegates would come and take part in this.  Also the folk who are involved in prayer and worship at the Haven are invited to come along to see the conference.  They will be invited to stay as long as they would like to and take part in some of the sessions where people are praying and talking about strategic prayer for Scotland.

The 24hour prayer and worship will take place in the Haven from 3pm Friday 23rd to 3pm Saturday 24th March. 

We are then invited to take part in the final celebration session at Stirling Baptist Church from 3-4pm on Saturday.  Snack food will be available at the Haven throughout.

We are looking for teams who would like to partner with us to worship and pray for one or two hours at a time through the 24hours

This will be a low key, semi-acoustic set with a small sound system because it is a fairly small space.  We will be flexible about the topics for prayer as long as it reflects praying for Scotland or Scotland’s destiny to be involved in the nations.  If you would like to take an hour or two and have a particular topic on your heart, then please contact us and we can add you to the timetable.

It will be a mini miracle if this comes together in 2 weeks but we believe it is a stake in the ground and a real and active prayer event alongside the annual conference about prayer that Pray for Scotland are hosting at Stirling Baptist Church.

Please pray about supporting us in this venture and let’s see God’s glory filling our hearts and transforming the nation!

His Kingdom Come on earth as it is in Heaven!
In His Love

Pray for Scotland Core Team

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