Pray For Scotland

24/7 prayer over Christmas in Caithness:

The prayer room will be in an unused office above on the corner of the pedestrian precinct in Thurso and will run from 00:00 on Christmas Day until 01:00 on New Years Day.  It will be open to Christians right across the county.  At the moment we’re trying to set up a website so that people can see what timeslots are available to pray in the 24-7 prayer room – we hope that the website will then continue to be a focus/sharing point for Christians in the community who are passionate about prayer – – we hope to have it up and running by the end of this coming week.
Please pray that Christians from all over the county would become passionate about prayer, and that the prayer room would help to bring folk into a new intimacy with the Father, transforming them so that they can reach out to those around them – to care and share as well as pray – and that as we humble ourselves & pray God would hear from heaven & heal our land.  Praise God for all that He has provided for us so far. J.G.

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