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A ‘Year of Destiny’ for Scotland – Story from Printed Newsletter Summer 2013

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A ‘Year of Destiny’ for Scotland

2014 is a hugely significant year for Scotland – a year during which the eyes of the world will be on this nation as never before. In the space of just four months over the summer / autumn we will experience:

June – 700th anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn and second Gathering of the Clans

July – Commonwealth Games in Glasgow August – Centenary of the start of World War 1, which had a profound impact on Scotland’s people

September – Referendum on Independence and the Ryder Cup.

This crucial time needs to be covered in prayer and already churches, ministries and prayer networks are gearing up for the task. But beyond these events, the whole nation needs prayer more than ever before.All areas of society face unprecedented negative pressures. The undermining of traditional Christian values increases daily and many Christians feel overwhelmed by the range and intensity of  the attacks.

It is time for the Church in the nation to ‘rise up and pray’ once again – and on 30th November there is an opportunity to do just that. St Andrew’s Day is our ‘Date with Destiny’ when Christians from across the nation and from all backgrounds will gather in Glasgow for ‘The Stand’:

  • a time to stand together, united in one purpose, praying for the church, this nation and the nations, especially those coming to the Games.
  • a time to take a stand and cry out to God ‘Your will be done, Your Kingdom come!’ – for the restoration of righteousness,holiness, integrity, mercy, compassion, and more – for revival in the church and transformation in the nation.
  •  a time to stand in the gap for the ‘lost’, the poor, the hungry – all those suffering injustice.

St Andrew’s Day will not just be a single day of prayer. It marks the launch of a Year of Prayer for this nation with the aim of every hour of every day being covered throughout this momentous year. More important than the eyes of the world, the eyes of God are on Scotland at this crucial time. He knows the plans He has for us.

Will we respond in prayer to seek His heart and His plans in these days? We may never have such an opportunity again – let’s not miss it!

Initial information on the programme for 30th November, and how to be involved in the Year of Prayer, will be available by the end of August. To register your interest and receive more information, email the address in the advert above. If you cannot be in Glasgow in November, consider committing to pray where you are that day, and to joining in the Year
of Prayer.

Visit The Stands Facebook page:

May you be blessed as you ‘pray for Scotland’.

Jean Black Director and Alistair Barton Chairman

One thought on “A ‘Year of Destiny’ for Scotland – Story from Printed Newsletter Summer 2013

  1. Loryjane

    C, I am so glad that you found this site and that I am able to pray for you. I hope you find encouragement and hope in kiwonng that your grandson is not alone in his struggle with mental illness and you are not alone as a caretaker of a person with mental illness. I pray for strength and encouragement for you as you face this tough battle in helping your grandson and I pray that you would find others who would stand along side you in prayer for him. I pray for your grandson, you, your entire family, and all who are a part of your grandsons life that God’s love for your grandson and for each of you would be so apparent that it would completely overwhelm any struggle or pain that his condition may cause. I pray that all selfish agendas and motives would be set aside as people see your grandson through the eyes of his Heavenly Father who lovingly created him and continues to shape and mold him. Since our struggle is not against flesh and blood, I pray against any spiritual forces who may have evil intent for your grandson and/or the people around him. I pray that the enemy would not be allowed access to his life through those he loves and those who are called to love him. I pray not only that lying mouths would be silenced, but also that eyes would be opened to see Truth and love from the true Lord Jesus Christ and that His truth would soften hearts and chase away deceptions and lies. I pray that your grandson would be surrounded by love and support and that he himself would see how special he is. I pray that he would know the love of Christ and the wonderful plan God has for his life. I pray that as he comes to know who God is and who God created him to be, that truth would overcome all lies that he may have been told. Your grandson is a very special young man with a very special purpose (as I’m sure you know). As I was praying for your grandson, God brought a verse to mind- Isaiah 43:1 “Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by your name; you are mine”. I hope and pray that others would also read your prayer request and that your grandson, you, and your family would be completely surrounded and covered by prayer.

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