Pray For Scotland




Sunday 27  –  Edinburgh City (Newcraighall)

Monday 28  –  East Lothian

Tuesday 29  –  Midlothian

Wednesday 30  –  Scottish Borders

Thursday 31  –  Dumfries & Galloway



Friday 1  –  South Ayrshire

Saturday 2  –  East Ayrshire

Sunday 3  –  South Lanarkshire

Monday 4  –  North Lanarkshire

Tuesday 5  –  West Lothian

Wednesday 6  –  Falkirk

Thursday 7  –  Clackmannanshire

Friday 8  –  Perth & Kinross   (tbc)

Saturday 9  –  Stirlingshire

Sunday 10  –  East Dunbartonshire Morning: & Afternoon:

Monday 11  –  East Renfrewshire   (tbc)

Tuesday 12  –  Renfrewshire

Wednesday 13  –  North Ayrshire  (12hr Prayer Room: 12noon – 12 midnight at Emmanuel Christian Centre, 2 West Road, Irvine, KA12 8RD: Main sessions 7 – 9pm ‘Worship Prayer and Intercession’. For more information click here )

Thursday 14  –  am: Inverclyde pm: Glasgow City   (tbc)

Friday 15  –  Glasgow City

Saturday 16  –  am: West Dunbartonshire pm: Argyll & Bute    (tbc)

Sunday 17  –  Argyll & Bute (tbc)

Monday 18  –  Highlands 1   [Oban – Inverness – Fort William, Aviemore]

Tuesday 19  –  Highlands 2   [Inverness to Skye – ferry to Lochmaddy]

Wednesday 20  –  Western Isles & Evening:  Stornoway  –

Thursday 21  –  Transition to mainland                                                                           –

Friday 22  –  Highlands 3   [Ullapool to Thurso] & Evening:  Thurso –

Saturday 23  –  Transition to Shetland                                                                            –

Sunday 24  –  Shetland Islands

Monday 25  –  Transition to Orkney

Tuesday 26  –  Orkney Islands

Wednesday 27  –  Highlands – 4

Thursday 28  –  Moray

Friday 29  –  Aberdeenshire

Saturday 30  –  Aberdeen City



Sunday 1  –  Angus     (tbc)

Monday 2  –  Dundee City

Tuesday 3  –  Fife

Wednesday 4  –  Edinburgh City

Thursday 5  –  Edinburgh City (election)


1) General

Apart from Highland Region, the Shield will be in most local authority areas for a designated day. For most of the route the Shield will be looked after/driven around by local people each day. One of the Parliamentary Prayer Scotland team plans to accompany the Shield as it travels through the Highlands, to/from the Western Isles and to/from Orkney and Shetland. Parliamentary Prayer and Pray for Scotland team members will take part in their local day’s events and will very likely join in what is happening in other local authority areas, by arrangement with local co-ordinators.


With the Shield will be a national prayer/proclamation on unity and blessing to be prayed each day. We will also provide suggestions on praise and prayer for use during the day, and if required we can provide suggestions for prayer themes/prayer points for an evening gathering.

2) Receiving and passing on the Shield

  1. At an arranged time, preferably at the start of each day, representatives from one local authority area pass the Shield to folk from the next area, ideally at an agreed point on the border between the two Council areas, but if this is not practical, as close to the boundary as possible. If a morning handover is impractical, it could happen the previous evening e.g. at an evening gathering. Co-ordinators in adjacent areas will be put in touch with each other so they can work out the best time and location for each handover. At each handover:
  • all pray the national ‘unity/blessing’ prayer;
  • those passing the Shield on pray a more specific blessing, a positive declaration, over the next area – this may be ‘impromptu’ or local folk may wish to prepare something beforehand, e.g. including blessing the Council, leaders in business, education, law, health, the media and arts, etc., praying for prosperity, employment, health, wisdom in decisions, etc., etc. and there may be some particular local factors to include;
  • those receiving the Shield pray a blessing/proclamation over the area it has just been through.

3) During each day

  1. Local co-ordinators & church leaders etc. decide where the Shield goes during the day and what you do with it, e.g. going to the main towns/population centres in the county, or round districts in a city, and/or to specific locations with a spiritual heritage/significance, stopping for a short time of prayer at pre-arranged points/times.
  2. In the same way as at the morning handover, those in one town/city district draft a short blessing prayer/proclamation for the next town/city district – to be prayed as the Shield arrives at the next stop.
  3. At each stop those from that town/city district should pray a blessing over where it has just come from.
  4. You may also wish to take communion together at the morning handover or at one or more stops during the day – a powerful expression of unity – of standing together ‘As One!’ in Christ.


If each community/town prays and proclaims a blessing over the next community/town, and those receiving the blessing then pray a similar blessing on where the Shield has just come from, then a ‘river of blessing’ will flow throughout Scotland over the 40 days. This is a key outcome of the 40-day tour which we believe will have a significant impact on the nation.

Evening gatherings

We hope very much that the churches in each town/area will wish to come together for a joint praise/worship/prayer gathering at the end of their day with the Shield. In the larger areas there could be more than one of these, a meeting in each main town for example. These would be opportunities to pray for your town/city/local authority area and for the nation, including prayer for the elections/local candidates etc., with folk from various churches standing together for their area ‘As One!’ as they raise their prayer shield over their town/area. The ‘national prayer’ accompanying the Shield should be included in any evening gathering.