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Fires across the Nation – Story from Printed Newsletter Summer 2012

Fires are breaking out across the Nation

By Barbara Jenkinson,Light and Life Ministries

As I looked, I saw fires breaking out all over the nation. These fires were pockets of people intensely hungry
for the word of God and for New Testament Christianity, those who read the book of Acts and wondered ‘where is this church?’ (Jean Darnell, 1967).

‘As the waters cover the sea, so my Glory WILL cover the whole earth…’ (Hab 2:13).

It’s happening…
The revival accounts of Duncan Campbell, Evan Roberts, Wesley,
Wigglesworth and others are well worn on my book shelf. I’ve often wondered what revival actually feltlike. What was it like preaching two or three times a day? How did it feel
ministering to crowds of hungry people, hour after hour after hour? How thick was His Presence?

I think we’re beginning to get a glimpse… In the last few weeks, together with some of my Light & Life leaders and volunteers, I’ve travelled thousands of miles – covering the length and
breadth of Scotland. Everywhere we’ve gone, we’ve met people intensely hungry for God, desperate to see His Presence impact their lives and communities.

This little map shows where we have teams, have done outreaches, and have outstanding invitations to train up more people in prophetic evangelism. As the waters cover the sea, so His
Glory WILL cover the nation(s)!

On a Friday evening in May I was with our Ayrshire team. They’d hired a village hall in West Kilbride and invited local people to come and encounter God. 70 or 80 people turned up. Eleven were gloriously saved,and many others began to fall in love with our amazing Jesus as He touched and transformed lives. On Saturday, at our Aberdeen Training,we met another group of hungry people, desperate not only to encounter God, but to see His revival fire unleashed in their city. God’s Presence fell, and people were healed simply by being there.

These encounters are not unusual,nor isolated, events. Up and down the country more and more people are grasping the fact that God is pouring out His Spirit on our nation,and asking Him life-changing questions like ‘how can I help usher in this move of God?’, or ‘how can I partner with You, as You pour out Your Spirit?’ This is an incredible time to be alive, as our God is fulfils
ancient biblical prophecies (Joel 2) and years of intercessory prayer.

Hunger moves heaven. The hungrier we become, the more we can expect His Presence to intensify – personally and corporately.

Holy Spirit COME! Fill us with a fiery passion for Your name, Your fame and Your Kingdom. Strip us right back to where our hearts simply burn for You. Tear down every mindset and fear that would keep us from fully giving ourselves to You and the advancement of Your Kingdom.

Dr Barbara Jenkinson
Director – Light & Life Ministries
Light & Life is a prayer-based, evangelistic, ministry that seeks to reach the lost through creative, prophetic evangelism. We use culturally relevant methods and language to reach people with the life-changing
message of the gospel. For more information on our ministry, training or outreach events, you can visit our website or

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