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Fruit from Lighthouses of Prayer at Kirklark

Fruit from Lighthouses of Prayer at Kirklark

My prayer partner and I are a Lighthouse of prayer, we meet fortnightly to pray and for years we have been praying for our neighbours. We both go to the local church and for the past few years we have been involved in an annual fun day called Kirklark, Kirklark is a free event aimed at families and folks from the local community, its purpose is to bless the community. There are numerous gazebos with arts, crafts, Fairtrade, story telling, live music, games, football, food and a marquee that is used as a place for prayer. The prayer tent had various stations that allowed people from any churches or non-churched background to pray in creative ways.

What a blessing it was when a neighbour we have prayed for came into the tent with her great granddaughter and took time to look at the various stations and sat down and wrote a prayer of thanks. People seemed open to be prayed for and what joy when a 9 year old boy who had been coming back and forwards to the tent several times with things he wanted prayer for said is it ok if I say a prayer, and he prayed the most beautiful prayer from his heart. The blessings continued the following day when a child who is neighbour called at my home, she had been at Kirklark and had come to ask if she and her sisters could come to Sunday Club. As we chatted I said I would need to check that it was ok with her parents as her oldest sister has learning difficulties and I wasn’t sure what support she needed. Having checked everything out with their Dad we all headed off to Sunday Club and the girls had a great time and are keen to come back next Sunday. Praise the Lord for the freedom we have in his country to outreach and for His faithfulness in hearing our prayers for our neighbours and our community.

by Margo Cunningham
Pray for Scotland
Core Team

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