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Is the tide turning? – Story from Printed Newsletter Spring 2013

Is the tide turning?

Graeme Young

Graeme Young was Pray for Scotland’s project coordinator 2004/5 and is the author of  “Luke into Jesus” a practical commentary on Luke’s Gospel, designed to be particularly useful for followers of Jesus who are young in age or experience.

Communities in my native north east corner of Scotland experienced multiple outbreaks of dramatic life changing revival between 1859 and 1921. While I still wonder why things have been so different since then, looking back at what God did where my ancestors lived has stirred my faith to expect greater things than we have yet seen here.

In the second half of 2012 there was an undramatic but noticeable change, as if the spiritual tide is quietly coming in North eastagain, as you will read in the reports of men’s breakfasts, a new church and a new prayer initiative. In a year when we will be facing great issues in Scotland I am feeling the importance of not living out of reaction to what men are deciding, but rather out of recognition of what God is doing.

Revival evangelist, James M’Kendrick, left us some good advice from my home village’s experience in 1896: “The lesson to be learned from the Portessie revival is never to despair. God is able to overcome all difficulties. If you are satisfied you are where God wants you to be, then rest assured God has a work for you to do. Don’t look at the circumstances, neither favourable nor unfavourable, but look to God with whom all things are possible

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