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Men are to Pray and Prepare – Story from Printed Newsletter January 2014

Men are to Pray and Prepare

Reports of men gathering for prayer in the past 18 months have exceeded what I have heard in four decades.
These are not centrally promoted;  God is at work. The core theme is 2 Chronicles 7:14. When our national response reaches God’s level, then we shall experience a move of God, a healing of Scotland. God says that “if”we do our part, He will…

In two leaders’ gatherings over recent months I heard weeping and anguished prayer for the church and nation. I have not heard that for a long     time. This is a time to weep and humble ourselves, pray and seek his face, turn from our twisted / fleshly /religious / tradion-dominated / man-structured ways, and seek his face.

In prayer God reveals the state of our nation. We will never get a true perspective from the media. As with individual sin, national sin needs to be exposed by the Holy Spirit. The humble will seek such revelation.

Men are to follow the example of women of prayer in Scotland who, for many years, have interceded for our
nation. Jesus said his House would be a House of Prayer for all Nations. The Head of the Church wants prayer to be our corporate brand.

God sustains every particle in every galaxy. He is wiser and more powerful than we can imagine. The enormity and complexity of healing the nation is not a problem to the Lord, but there is a position of prayer which we, his Church, must first adopt.

What is Father showing you for Scotland? Join with others and pray and pray again, until he answers. Christian men, take up this responsibility.
Douglas Flett

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