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New partnership with Neighbourhood Prayer Network (NPN) Dec 2014

One part of our vision is to have every street in Scotland prayed for, by encouraging individuals and small groups to set up a ‘Lighthouse of Prayer’ in their home, praying regularly for their neighbours.  In recent years we have led Lighthouse of Prayer training days and we have Lighthouse materials that we are happy to provide to anyone interested in starting one.

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In October Jean and Alistair met with Rebekah Brettle, the Director of Neighbourhood Prayer Network (NPN) which has exactly the same vision – to see every street in the nation prayed for using the ‘Pray, Care, Share’ model – the same model as Lighthouses use.  NPN has developed other valuable resources, including a website with a map showing the streets where someone has ‘signed up’ to pray, and a weekly Friday email with encouraging testimonies and ideas for praying, caring and sharing.  There is also an excellent resource book called ‘Neighbours Transform Your Street’.  For more information go to:

One of our desires has been to ‘map’ where folk were praying, and as we talked we found we had so much in common that a partnership to promote our shared vision was clearly the right thing to do – to collaborate instead of ‘doing our own thing’.  In Scotland we will still call the prayer locations ‘Lighthouses’ but it will now be possible to add these (if folk wish to) to the NPN map – it only identifies the street, not your actual address – and to access their other resources including the weekly email.  Folk will be able to sign up on the Pray for Scotland website and through a link they will also be added to the NPN lists.  If folk in Scotland sign up on the NPN site direct, their details will be passed back to us for follow up and ongoing contact.

We are excited about the potential of this partnership and in the New Year we will be in touch with the Lighthouses we know about to follow up the possibility of them linking with the NPN site.  If you want more details about this partnership, or about Lighthouses – especially if you would like us to hold a training evening or half day for your group or church – please do email us at

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