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In October, along with many other ministries, we circulated a request asking you to pray about the first ever ‘World Paranormal Festival’ in Stirling.  The ‘festival’ involved occultists, psychics, ghost hunts and vampire celebrations over 4 days, with one of the main events being a Vampire ball on the evening of 31 October.  We are delighted to bring you this Praise Report – a summary drawn from various reports received following the event.

Local Christians, supported by many from other areas and in prayer around the world, organised an alternative Festival of Light bringing many churches and Christian organisations together for 72 hours of non-stop prayer and fasting, praise and prayer meetings, outreach events and nightly walks to give away free hot chocolate and Father’s Love Letters.

On Friday evening 31 October the Church of the Holy Rude close to Stirling Castle was filled to capacity and as the praise and prayer ascended to heaven the building was filled with the glory of God, with even the darkest parts being lit with a heavenly, golden-coloured supernatural light – many sensed an angelic presence.  This gathering was a part fulfilment of a vision given over 30 years ago of the community of God’s people in Stirling coming together in that very church – their praise to God punching holes of bright golden light through the thick blanket of fog that had been sensed sitting over Stirling.   The worship could be heard in the surrounding streets at the top of the city – and in the graveyards where paranormal organisers were attempting to take people on ghost tours.

Lives were transformed during the outreach events as many encountered God’s love, and several physical healings were reported.  By the Saturday night there was a tangible difference in the city centre atmosphere – a sense of peace instead of the usual oppressive, threatening feel of a late-night Saturday.  On the Sunday, as they gathered in their churches people were sharing the news of miracles, fulfilments of promises and visions from God.  A healing service was held in a city centre church on the Sunday evening which, building on the rising faith levels over the weekend saw further reported healings.

The paranormal festival organisers had hoped this would be the first of a series of annual events in Stirling, but perhaps the best report of the weekend came when an elderly lady from a local church overheard some chatting in a cafe, and saying:  “This has been a complete disaster, and it’s because of all these praying Christians!  We’re never coming back here again!” 

There is a saying, which is thought to come from the times of William Wallace and Robert the Bruce that‘He who holds Stirling, holds the nation’.  This is perhaps why the organisers chose Stirling for their festival – but we can declare that ‘He who holds Stirling (and our nation) is greater then he who is in the world!’

Thank you to all who prayed during this time and sent in messages, emails, phone calls of support, Scriptures and prophetic words – they all were such an encouragement to those ‘on the front line’.  Local Church leaders have already asked ‘When can we meet together again like this’ – God is truly at work in Stirling!  Be encouraged – Prayer changes the atmosphere, and God does answer the cries of His people!

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