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Prayer Across Dundee Story from Printed Newsletter Spring 2011

Prayer Across Dundee

Started more than two years ago with a vision of seeing Christians around the city uniting in prayer under the banner of Jesus. Recently with representatives from 15 churches in and around Dundee we completed our second 24/7 week of prayer running up to Easter, and what an incredible week! In addition to the dedicated prayer room we facilitated and supported a series of other events encouraging people to engage with the source of all our hope, our Lord Jesus Christ. As we stepped out in faith God stepped up right alongside us and we were truly blown away by His grace, love, and heart for us, His children. How amazing is that?! Looking around the walls (and ceiling!) of the prayer room, which by the end of the week were covered in prayers, it became clear that God is stirring within the hearts of His people a real desire to see His Church restored…

“Lord, thank you that you have called each and every one of us to Dundee. Thank you that you are the Good Shepherd and have a heart for the lost, the broken, the sick and the hungry. Will you break our hearts for what breaks yours and fill us up and send us out”.

Please join with us as we continue to seek God’s guidance and wisdom, pray for the church of Christ in Dundee and around the world to come together under the banner of Jesus, casting aside religious differences and focusing instead on our faith in Jesus as the Saviour of the world. Amen.

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