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Praying for Shetland:  From our Printed Newsletter Summer 2015

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There is a strong history of prayer in and for the Shetland Isles, fuelled by a deep sense that God desires to release His glory and power once again in this nation – starting in the north! Some of the key Shetland-wide prayer actvity is described here, but there is so much more – in individual churches and fellowships, home groups and prayer groups – for
which we give grateful thanks, and God all the glory!Shetland Intercessors’ Team: Approximately 70 intercessors praying regularly for Shetland and holding a monthly prayer meeting. A key focus for this Team is: Every Shetland Home for Jesus: Praying for each electoral ward and for individual households from the electoral roll. Local intercessors fill in the ‘gaps’ where electors choose not to be on the public roll. The aim is to pray for each household once a month.

Lighthouses of Prayer: There are 44 Lighthouses of Prayer in Shetland – we are aiming for 50! Each Lighthouse (an individual or a group of Christians) prays at home for their immediate neighbours, with a view to following the Holy Spirit’s guidance on showing kindness and love to them, and thus be an effective witness in the community.

Pray for Shetland: Another group of Christians praying each month for Shetland. Shetland Prayer Link: A vital link in
the ‘prayer chain’, this 4-page newssheet with prayer information and testimonies goes out approximately 5 times a year to around 500 prayers, mostly in Shetland, but also in Scotland, UK and overseas.

The Shetland Prayer Link and Intercessors: Team keep in touch with Pray for Scotland and our nearest neighbours in the Faroe Islands, Norway & Orkney, praying for Scotland and these other nations. We welcome your prayers, for the teams and for the Islands – that the fresh move of God we all long for would surprise us very soon! Please email with anything God lays on your heart for us – it will encourage and bless us!Andrew Harmsworth
Shetland Intercessors Team
Email: ahem(at)

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