Pray For Scotland

Response to December 2010 E-letter:

I was reading the Pray for Scotland e-letter for December and about having some feedback.  I don’t live in Scotland but a few years ago in 2005 God spoke a word into my heart that has impacted how I see mission.  I copy it below.
“I will raise up a generation of soup kitchens who will meet people where they are and feed them with my word, with practical help and teaching relevant to people’s time in life and needs.  No longer will the unchurched have no connection with my people.  My love will burn like a blazing all consuming fire that will draw people into my heart and my will.  My people will go into other people’s homes, go into places of work, go into government and go onto the streets.  My people will be creative and connect with others in a culturally appropriate way.  Churches will be but shells, my spirit will move out and dwell in many projects, many meeting places.  The shells will remain but not be the mainstay of my work in this nation.  No longer will those who have no church dry up but they will be refreshed at strategic water holes, places of ministry.  No longer will they be perceived as second class but they will rise up as an expression of my love, my grace, my perseverance and my plan.”

In 2007 God impresed on me an understanding that God’s ways and religious ways can sometimes be very different.
“The padlocks are on peoples hearts.  Only as my people love those they come into contact with will the chains fall off.  The chains of deception, false religion and worship of self.  But the barrier to love is judgement.  Only as judgement is broken down and my people humble themselves and trust in my ability to deliver.  Only as my people get their feet dirty and walk amongst the crowd not being in fear but convinced of my protection will the light overcome the darkness.  Will others recognise the light and turn from their wicked ways.  Is my church to have a siege mentality or a servant attitude?  Is my church to be a ghetto or a place of vibrancy and engagement with the communities and cultures they are part of?  But see I do a new thing.  Where the air has gone stale and there is a stench of death I bring a fresh expression of my love through the church.  No longer will my people be unknown but they will be known for their love, their creativity, their honesty and their compassion.  The yoke of the religious spirit will be lifted and instead will be the yoke of grace.  My people will be known not be their denomination but by their desire to seek out and serve the lost and in the service will be the good news of salvation.” L.H.

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