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Speaking Blessing – Speaking Life: From our Printed Newsletter Summer 2015

July 2015 E-letter

“Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.”
Prov. 16:24 NIV


Summer Printed Newsletter

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Speaking Blessing – Speaking Life

One of the Pray for Scotland team spoke recently about their study of the ‘power of blessing’ – about the positive effect of a blessing on a person or a situation and, conversely, what a negative effect withholding a blessing can have. As Christians, we know that the words we speak have power – every word we speak out affects the atmosphere around us. Every word we speak can have a positive or negative effect on folk near and far, as well as on every type of situation you can think of. Most of us will pray a blessing over our immediate families on a regular basis and ask God to bless them in general or specific ways. But what about blessing others? If we are in work, how many of us regularly pray a blessing over our boss, over our work colleagues and workplace, giving thanks for the opportunity to work there, and asking God to prosper the work of their hands?

Think about it for a moment. If every Christian in Scotland regularly prayed a blessing over their street, their neighbours; the local school/College/ University and all who work and study there; over our workplace, or a local shop or business if we don’t work; over our local Council and public
services such as the Police and Fire Services; the local hospital and health services; or if you live in a rural area – over local farmers and others who work on the land or in tourism; over our local press and media; over local armed services if you are near a base; over our MSP’s and the Parliament/ Government – and over our local church and church leadership – how great would be
the positive impact on the atmosphere in this nation?

Speaking out a blessing is speaking life, to counteract the ‘curse’ of negative, critical speech which is all too prevalent today. Speaking a blessing opens the door for God to move in a person’s life, in an organisation, a situation. It’s an act of faith that develops the Christ-like character within us that
we all desire. May the Church – the people of God in Scotland – be known as a people of blessing – speaking life into every aspect of this nation!


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Thank you, and bless you for your support!

Alistair Barton, Director
Pray for Scotland

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