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Summary of Chuck Pierce Prophecy from January 2013 in Edinburgh


Summary Chuck Pierce Prophecy

Summary of Chuck Pierce Prophecy given on Friday 25th January 2013,  At Methodist Central Hall, Edinburgh (summarized by Angela & Stephen Boler)
In making a summary there has to be interpretation of the prophetic word and the picture language contained within it. The word issummarized in the light of what the Lord is saying overall through His mature prophetic people. A prophetic summary is not a prophecy but a distillation, interpretation and summarization of what was being given prophetically to people on the day. It should only be passed on in its entirety not small quotes.

1. End of a Season of Transition‘

Scotland’s Season of Transition just ended. Scotland has crossed over into a new season in God’. Transition means to let go of something from before and move into something new. In the beginning of this process there is some confusion as we have left the last season but can’t yet see the new time. But as we make the choice not to go back to the old but move forward towards the new our vision comes into focus and clarity. As we move into the new season God’s purposes for the nation are actually birthed/made manifest and there is not just a shift in the spirit realm or in the atmosphere there is a manifestation of the Kingdom of God and churches, people and a new generation come alive in God; the nation changes. Many things shift in the atmosphere, business, etc. The enemy is no longer able to hold us back in ways he was able to do so in the past. (Chuck takes this from the year 2013 being 5773 in the Hebrew Calendar and then looks at the meaning of the picture language of these numbers in Hebrew.

70 = captivity
3= transition
3 also = kinsman redeemer – I come to redeem your past so that you can move into the future; I come to redeem the
time, to make up for lost time; the Kinsman Redeemer comes to enable us to transition out of captivity into the new move of God.
3 also= the camels are moving and what has been held up in the desert, they are on the move to bring it into a whole
new place In summary therefore – God is going to take all that has been deposited in the past on his behalf and this year start accelerating into the future

2. Change and Reformation will be manifest in many different ways in the nation.

As Scotland’s transition ends the natural and spiritual realms will be affected. The land will make a shift and the heavens will make a shift, civil governments will make a shift, the people will begin to express their gifts in new ways, there will be social reform and all of a sudden it will be heard God is in this land.
‘The Spirit of God is going to be working in such a way to unpack, repack and realign vision for his people and for key leaders across this nation and all of a sudden the people of God are going to have a new way to stand and a new place to stand. It will be different than what they have known. Then the borders and boundaries of the way the nation has operated will also shift’. Spheres of authority and influence will increase both in the Spirit and in the natural. Fullness of creativity and gifting in the land will be released and manifest.

There will be restoration – ‘Where you have not had funds to accomplish what you need to accomplish and advance your vision all of a sudden things are going to be reversed and happen and I am going to start to move in new ways to build for the future

3. A Choice, a decision, an opportunity.

‘You have to choose this year to say now wait a minute we are not backing up there is enough movement and life in Scotland for a whole new wineskin and a whole new move of God.’ Determine to cross over into the new season in this year. There is a determination to climb out of any rut we have got into from going round and round the mountain rather than moving forward. Vision will then clarify.

4. Hindrances and obstacles to movement forward will be removed

Leaders and the people of God will start to move in such a way that strongholds of the past that have always in
the past stopped them moving forward will no longer be able to do so. ‘So starting about September you will start seeing you are gaining strength, making headway, moving forward, you will start seeing the sound across this nation shift.

5. Scotland is known for sounds, war and power

‘The strength of this nation in warfare worship comes alive  again. And worship – you don’t just sing everyone else’s’ songs, you create the sound that begins to move because its already here and people all over the world know it is here. People know the sound that is in this land and I am here to say tonight that the worship gatherings all over Scotland will become so powerful that England will say we must cross the border and go worship with Scotland’.

6. The move will come to the nations of the UK surrounding England first.

‘What God is doing with the satellites of the UK is different from what He is doing in England. Understand that things are beginning but not beginning in the motherland so to speak but in the outside movement in the other nations.’
‘I say to you that the move in the UK is now at hand and it will come by Ireland moving from south to north and joining hands and it will come by Scotland singing the song of heaven and letting it open up the land. I say to you the land of Scotland will rejoice again and the world  will hear that there is fire in this land again. Wales will begin to submit to pray in new ways and then you will surround that queen land that has so grown cold and many will melt under the movement that is coming from the satellites. I say to you, you will give an opportunity for many Muslims to come to know me. So I say wear what I am bringing (the mantle – see below), go forth with what I am bringing, retreat when I tell you to retreat, for churches throughout this entire land now are beginning to make their transition and you will be worshiping in key churches in every city throughout this land.’

7. A new Mantle of Fire and Glory.

I believe you are at a place where the Lord says tonight a new mantle of my glory begins to go across  Scotland. It will move to place to place to place.’ ‘The mantle I got for Scotland it is the fire mantle. There is a big anointing on the mantle’. ‘Notice it is turned upside down and the Lord says you will begin starting this year to turn things upside down in this land for I have a new generation that will turn things upside down that I am raising up for this season and I say because of that I will set things in my order and what gets turned upside down will begin to blaze across this land.’

8. Scotland has an Awesome Inheritance. A Prototype Nation.

You have a good inheritance an awesome inheritance’.  ‘Scotland has an incredible root of inheritance an incredible root of God.’ When God is doing something new he doesn’t  get rid of all the over 60’s -– He realigns the generations – He is tri generational – see Isaiah 59 –  3 generations prophesy the same thing together.
God said to Chuck – ‘beginning in 2012 these roots in nations will start coming alive again and being seen and the church will shift and the people will move in a different way. However this is the first nation where he has said ‘tonight your transition has ended’. This means ‘Scotland and the move of God here in Scotland is going to be some sort of prototype for the entire move of God in the world in days ahead’. ‘Get ready a new move, the transition has ended, and the new move has been recognized in heaven. Let the move of God begin in the whole of Scotland’

Prayer and Proclamation points:

Chuck stated: ‘part of prophetic people’s role in the earth is to make decrees so that at these moments (of transition) there is a shift and everything begins to advance in a different way’.

1. Give thanks and worship that the Lord has brought us to such a time as this. That His plans for us are good.
2. Pray that the body of Christ in Scotland will make the choice to go forward in this ‘time of opportunity’ and enter the new season of God for the Nation.
3. Thank the Lord for the Transformation and Reformation in every area of society He desires to bring it.
4. Pray that all the people of God will realise that we are now free to go forward and step in to all the new season holds for the nation.
5. Pray and thank the Lord that this new sound in worship and song will be fully manifested in the nation in every way and in every place He desires this sound to be made.
6. Thank the Lord for the new mantle of glory and fire that He is giving to Scotland and pray that we receive it, wear it and use it to His glory and purpose.
7. Thank the Lord for the awesome inheritance He has in this land and ask Him for the full restoration and manifestation of this inheritance.
8. Pray that the fullness of God’s purpose in Scotland being a prototype nation will be fulfilled.
(Dictionary definition of Prototype = A first or preliminary model of something, from which other forms are developed or copied; an original type, form, or instance serving as a basis or standard for later stages; an original, full-scale, and usually working model of a new product or new version.)
9. Pray that Scotland has its borders and boundaries both in the natural and spiritual, as He desires them to be.


(i) Get ready a new move, the transition has ended, and the new move has been recognized in heaven. Let the move of God begin in the whole of Scotland.
(ii) ‘Scotland’s Season of Transition just ended. Scotland has crossed over into a new season in God’
(iii) ‘God is going to take all that has been deposited in the past on his behalf and this year start accelerating into the future’.
(iv) ‘Scotland and the move of God here in Scotland is going to be some sort of prototype for the entire move of God in the world in days ahead’
(v) ‘A new mantle of my glory and fire begins to go across Scotland. It will move to place to place to place.’
(vi) The new sound of worship and song will be released now in the land.
(vii) Scotland has decided to follow Jesus – no turning back, no turning back.

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