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Testimony from Shetland Lighthouse of Prayer May 2011

Answer to prayer by Jean D, Shetland May 2011

We were praying in our group about the children and young people as one lady in our group had been appointed as child and youth worker in a local church. Later that week, I was challenged by Jesus’ words “I was in prison and you visited me.” When I asked the Lord – When did I visit you in prison, lord? – I sensed Him saying- “when you visit those that are in prison”

It was a bring and share lunch in our church that Sunday, and the Lord directed me to our local Police station where the Prison cells are located. He showed me that I should give the cakes and biscuits to the Police officers on duty, and offer the “Fathers Love letter” and “Voice” Magazines for the prisoners. I asked the Lord to cause the right officer to approach me when I rang the bell. To my amazement it was a policewoman whose son comes to the school where I work.  I explained about our prayer group and asked if our local police would like prayer for anything. Her immediate response was -“There certainly is.- the 13 -14 year old age group in Shetland is causing us more work and trouble than all the alcohol and drug problems”

We were able to pray directly into this in our lighthouse group.  The policewoman’s response to the food  for her and her colleagues was positive. “Thank you very much. We have had a particularly difficult weekend.” When I asked permission for the prisoners to receive the Christian Leaflets once the officers had checked the contents, she said “ Oh that’s no problem, they will certainly receive them”
Praise God he had presented me with a completely OPEN DOOR  for reaching prisoners and officers at the same moment.

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