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The Most Important Issue? Story from Printed Newsletter Spring 2011

The Most Important Issue?

by David Robertson The Solas centre Dundee

It was hardly mentioned at all during the Scottish Parliamentary Election campaign, but it is one of the most important, if not the most important, issue facing Scotland today.

What is it? The issue of marriage. In general our politicians and opinion formers have fallen into the trap of thinking this is about equality, justice and civil rights for homosexuals. But they have not grasped the real importance of the issue. If, as the Prime Minister David Cameron wants, the government is able to ‘redefine’ marriage next year, what is to stop them redefining it again in five years time? Why does that matter? Because the Biblical and Christian understanding of marriage as between one man and one woman, has been the basis of European society for over 1500 years.

Despite all the problems, marriage provides the best environment to bring up children, and the best way for human beings to relate to one another. It is the breakdown of marriage and the family that results in the broken society. Numerous studies have backed this up. So why change it? At a superficial level it may seem that redefining marriage’ will not change the
fundamental institution, but the reality is that at best this is just theory.

Why change something which is so essential to the well being of our society for something that has not been tried and tested? At worst we know what will happen. God is our maker and as such he knows best how we work. He has given us the creation ordinance of marriage for our own good. It is a basic principle that if you don’t follow the maker’s instructions you will end up with breakage. If we love our neighbours then we need to stand up for marriage. Be watchful and alert. For evil to succeed it is only necessary that good men do nothing. If the foundations are destroyed then what shall the righteous do?
David Robertson
Director of the Solas Centre for Public
Christianity, Dundee.

Solas and other Christian organisations in Scotland are seeking to promote the positive benefits of the Bible’s teaching about marriage.

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