Pray For Scotland



Around 450 people from all over Scotland and a wide variety of church IMG_4132backgrounds gathered in Glasgow at Queen’s Park Baptist Church on 30 November for The Stand – 12 hours of sharing, worship and prayer for our nation, key aspects of society and key events in 2014 including the Commonwealth Games and the Referendum.

We began the day by celebrating Communion together – a visible declaration of our unity in purpose as we gathered round the Lord’s table. For the rest of that session we went ‘Deeper’ – praying for a restoration of holiness and the renewal of our passion for Jesus – both as individuals and as a nation.

Over lunchtime there was prayer for students and youth then in the afternoon we went ‘Wider’ – praying for Scotland’s future – politically, economically, socially – praying for families, and for young people to take a stand in this generation. The afternoon ended with praying for the Commonwealth Games and the nations coming to the Games – ending with a powerful time of prayer for Scotland led by representatives of other nations.

In between the afternoon and evening there was more worship and prayer for the church and the nation then in the final session we went ‘Higher’, focussing on revival in Scotland through three key themes from the book of Nehemiah:

  • Approaching God the right way
  • The generations coming as one
  • A revival of the Word of God.

As well as the gathering in Glasgow there were at least 10 other prayer events throughout the day around Scotland, including in Caithness, Western Isles, the North-east, Fife, West Lothian, Midlothian, Lanarkshire and Ayrshire, and many others prayed individually in their homes. These times were not arranged centrally but were the ‘heart response’ of folk to God’s call to prayer in these days.

The prophetic words, pictures, impressions etc. received during the day have been collated and summarised and this summary will be on our website by the start of February – follow the link from our Home page.

Many were involved both before and on the day in helping to make it the success it was, and to all of those who had a part to play, whether in Glasgow or elsewhere –

A big ‘Thank you!’ from The StAnd organising team.

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